Top 10 Best Will Smith Songs


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21 Just Cruisin'

Great songs with catchy beat and amazing chorus... Will's Crusin'

Should be MUCH higher

22 La Fiesta
23 Tell Me Why

Great vocals by Mary j Blige, passionate verses from the fresh prince, nice to see someone achieve that level of pain and still be socially conscious

Will Smith himself said that this was potentially the best song he ever wrote

24 A Nightmare On My Street V 1 Comment
25 Potnas
26 Da Butta
27 Black Suits Comin'
28 Freakin' It
29 Brand New Funk

This list up to this point must have been made by people with birth years that begin with 20XX. Will Smith's best rap songs were with Jazzy Jeff and they are Brand New Funk and Summertime. I can't believe that neither are on this list thus far.

30 Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble V 1 Comment
31 Will 2K
32 I Wish I Made that / Swagga

This is practically 2 great songs put into one. The chorus for I wish I made that is brilliant, the rap for swagga pumps me up, and there's a good use of "DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT! "

33 I Can't Stop
34 Candy

The Third verse is just genius with all the candy references

35 Chasing Forever
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