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21 Love's Labour's Lost

To be honest I haven't read it but it sounds awful

22 Measure for Measure
23 Troilus and Cressida

This should be in the top 20 at least. Also Lear is number 2 (in my humble opinion)

24 Timon of Athens
25 The Comedy of Errors

So many errors! "

Just fabulous!

Genre: Comedy

Summary: Egeon, a merchant of Syracuse is caught in the town of Ephesus and is to be sentenced to death for entering since it is against the law for Syracusans to enter Ephesus. Duke Solinus grants him permission to tell why he came to Ephesus, and Egeon reveals a long time ago he had a pair of twin boys and had bought two poor boys from an unwealthy woman to be companions and servants to his sons. They had been separated by a shipwreck and now, Egeon is trying to find his other son, with his son setting out for the same purpose. Because they had been separated and were identical at birth, both Egeon and his wife Emelia had assumed they had ended up with the son named Antipholus and the slave named Dromio. Because of this, both sons and slaves are named Antipholus and Dromio of either Syracuse or Ephesus, respectively, and their encounters in Ephesus involve mistaken identity mainly due to the fact that they are all twins and thus cannot tell anyone apart from ...more

26 Merry Wives of Windsor

Enjoy the "fat knight's" antics and he persues Mistress Ford and Mistress Paige much to their husbands' concern.

27 All's Well That Ends Well
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