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Wintersun is a fairly newer band and they are absolutely spectacular, so here's my opinion and others opinions!

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1 Sons of Winter and Stars

This is one their songs that has many parts each with their very own distinct taste of metal. This song is one of the best and no fan can deny!

This song is one of the greatest ever made in metal.

The awesomeness of this song and particularly the part starting from 2:55 is incomprehensibly beautiful.

Only a retard would hate this... - Ananya

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2 Death and the Healing

Opening riff is pure magic and overall it is a great song and without doubt one of their best!

I have never found someone who didn't enjoy this song. Before I was a Wintersun fan I had been listening to just this song for a while.

This is not only their best song it's the best metal song I have ever heard

This is simply one of the best songs I have ever heard! Masterpiece! - AntonTati

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3 Time

This song defines the meaning of Wintersun! It is definitely their best track so far! This song has a perfect combination of melodies and crazy metal shredding power! Long live time and long live Wintersun!

4 Starchild

This is an amazing and epic sounding song. I love listening to it and it just sounds great overall, especially the last minute or so that makes a great conclusion to the song. This is also my favorite song by Wintersun. - Element119

Jari's most favourite song from his own band.

Awesome riff, great vocals, sick song! Its wintersun! You cannot deny its awsomness!

5 Land of Snow and Sorrow

This song really accentuates the clean vocals Wintersun has to offer, exemplifying beauty even your mother can understand.

Generally a bit slower than most wintersun songs, but really still delivers the awesome wintersun we all know and love!

I'm usually not a fan of slow songs but this song has a nostalgic feel to it that tugs at your heart

This is the best of all the songs of WS next to Death and the Healing which got me into WS. I listen to this and Death and the Healing sparringly! Wow!

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6 Beyond the Dark Sun

Fastest, most crazy and powerful wintersun song. This song, despite the length being only 2;40 is very worthy of being on this list.

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7 Sadness and Hate

Very catchy and powerful song! The riffs and guitar playing really are huge factors to this songs great level of epicness.

The most beautiful song ever. :')

8 Winter Madness

I honestly think this should be higher on the list. Probably in my top 5 favorites by Wintersun and it's very cool. - Element119

Respect for the guitar solo

9 Sleeping Stars

Good riffs and great like all other songs by wintersun! Very impressive!

Bloody brilliant riff - great vocal melody, Jaris screams on this go so well with the riff its just a work of art

10 Beautiful Death

How is this not at least above battle against time? Its easily one of their best songs

Time, Beautiful Death and loneliness are among the best metal songs ever created...

This song is amazing. I'd like to see it make it to the top 10 at least.

Those lyrics made me cry, the song catches me every single time. I can't understand why this synonym of beauty hasn't been in tbis list so far.

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11 Battle Against Time
12 Loneliness (Winter)
13 When Time Fades Away

This is one of the wintersun songs that has no vocals or guitar, but the symphony is stunningly beautiful!

14 Awaken from the Dark Slumber (Spring)
15 Darkness and Frost

Another symphony by Wintersun and a great one indeed! Wintersun can really pull some impressive songs even when its not metal.

Nothing beats the instruments in this musical!

16 The Way of the Fire
17 Eternal Darkness

Surprisingly intense and just full of dark atmosphere. - cjWriter1997

18 Forest
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1. Sadness and Hate
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1. Sons of Winter and Stars
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1. Starchild
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