Top Ten Best Wishbone Ash Songs

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1 Throw Down the Sword

If heaven exists and I go there I want Andy on my left and Ted on my right playing the solos on this as I walk through the pearly gates.

Never get tired of hearing the twin guitar solo in this song.

2 Warrior

Great song and definitely one of my favorites.

3 The King Will Come

Live Dates Version better than Argus, or?

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4 Blowin' Free
5 Phoenix

By far their best track. Truly awesome

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6 Leaf and Stream

A great classic to be remembered for years to come.

7 Persephone

Amazing and beautiful song, which I've known by Polish Radio Trojka

8 No Easy Road No Easy Road
9 Time Was

The first Wishbone Ash song I ever heard. The start of their best album obviously because all seven songs are in the top 10.

A long song, but worth every second.

10 Sometime World

This is a biggie. Everyone on here is great. Andy Powell's solo is awesome.

The Contenders

11 Rock N Roll Widow Rock N Roll Widow

Live Dates version is just flawless

my third favourite beside Phoenix and The King Will Come

12 Errors of My Way Errors of My Way
13 Alone Alone

Criminally shortened on the Pilgrimage album the six minute version is worth the price of the Distillation boxed set.

14 Sorrel Sorrel

Counterpoint lead guitars with the bass line dancing behind them. Absolutely the best.

This is the stand out track on Wishbone four.

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15 Cell of Fame Cell of Fame

Nice song from a forgotten era along with people in motion.

16 Standing In the Rain Standing In the Rain

Great song and wonderful guitar work

17 Everybody Needs a Friend Everybody Needs a Friend
18 Valediction Valediction
19 Handy Handy

The bass intro, the guitar solo, the drum solo, everything is perfect

My favourite Wishbone Ash song.

20 The Way of the World The Way of the World
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