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21 In the Middle of the Night In the Middle of the Night

Wait wait wait... This is all the way down here? What? This is one of the best songs I've ever heard!

This is criminal to be this low on list

In the middle of the night

But this is such a great song!
Her voice is pure perfection and the lyrics are fantastic.

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22 It's the Fear It's the Fear

It is because of this song that I first discovered Within Temptation, and fell in love with their music. I have become a huge fan since. Sharon den Adel vocals are haunting yet beautiful all at the same time.

23 Our Solemn Hour Our Solemn Hour

it's so very2 good songs...
how they do it?
orchestra(symphonic) metal are realy2 amazing...
sharon den adel have a powerfull vocal.
robert westerholt are great guitarist.
ruud jolie, jeroen van veen & martijn spierenburg make a life this band!
mike coolen the powerful the greatest the awesome drummer... he is magic!

I don't really know why, but this song has attracted me from the beginning. I've loved it since I first heard it. Something about the lyrics and the symphonic quality is just phenomenal.

Amazing symphonic masterpiece! Stand My Ground and Somewhere are my next favorites. I really love WT, their music and especially their lyrics, they are just deep and emotional.

I think this is the best song of this band...

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24 Paradise (What About Us?) Paradise (What About Us?)

This deserves number 1!
Before I discovered Within Temptation, Tarja (Nightwish) was my favorite band, I mean come ON!
With Tarja's operatic voice, Sharon's angelic voice, the awesome lyrics AND the amazing music, how can this be number 29?

Best duet ever by two females. Definite #1. Would be a supergroup if they stayed together.

Two of my favorites together... just amazing!

Just epic. Nothing else needs to be said

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25 A Demon's Fate A Demon's Fate

Most times great songs take you many listens to appreciate its genius but this is the first time where as soon as I heard the pounding guitar riff coupled with Sharon's powerful and chilling cries of "Ooh, Oh, Ooh, Oh, Oohh, Oh, I felt a shiver up my spine and my heart started to race. with every listen this song sounds even more incredible, its uplifting and always moves me like no other human emotion can even come close to replicating!

Impossible not to want to sing again and again the chorus, this is their best

This song is amazing, I can't get it out of my head... I found it on an amv and now I can't stop listening to it. I listened to loads of WT's songs but I still think this one is the best :D

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26 Edge of the World Edge of the World

Its one of the most melodious songs ever... ! And I love the lyrics... it's so meaningful!

27 Forgiven Forgiven

So great lyrics about power of love and forgiving... Only Sharon can write something like that. Actualy, considering all song from WT, I think Sharon is the one of the best songwriters in the world!

You really think that "My Immortal" by Evanescence is the saddest love song in the world? Well, this song will literally make you cry a river.

Agreed Sharon is a Superb lyric writer. She is much better then Amy Lee.

Too pretty for words. :-]

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28 The Promise The Promise

Tough choice to be honest I was struggling to pick a best song as they are all good, I have yet to hear a poor Within Temptation song. The Promise is a great song with great lyrics and awesome vocals. This is Within Temptation at their best. Definitely their best song live, Sharon is amazing performing this live.

I dare you not to listen to this song on either The Black Symphony or Elements live albums and not get a huge shiver. What an amazing track this is, especially backed by the live orchestra!

Love the way Sharon keeps forgetting / changing the lyrics for this song when performing it live.

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29 The Heart Of Everything

It has got that something, even listening It over and over again It never gets boring.

30 Our Farewell Our Farewell

People have probably voted for the most voted songs like Angels and The Howling without looking down the list. This song is absolutely heart-touching and it gives me goosebumps. Such a heavenly voice and the music is just what defines Within Temptation. Deserves to be in top 10 at least.

Thank you Sharon for such a wonderful song. This song is so emotional the lyrics touch your soul.

Heard this played at a funeral recently. Such heartfelt and emotional lyrics. Wonderful song.

I defy anyone to listen to this song and not shed a tear. The lyrics just touch your soul.

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31 Tell Me Why Tell Me Why
32 Pale Pale

The concept of the song is unique and very beautiful

33 Murder Murder
34 Caged Caged

This is Within Temptation at their best. Awesome music combined with vocals that are out of this world. Sharon is amazing

just listen to the acoustic version, sure you'll vote it to be the no. 1

This is the best song ever

This song should be on the top. It's so epic and meanful

35 A Dangerous Mind

Wow such powerful lyrics. I just have to know while I still have time do I have to run or hide away from you.

Captivating beginning and continues in a breathlessly haunting way! So WT!

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36 The Truth Beneath the Rose The Truth Beneath the Rose

A powerful and magical song indeed. It's their best song in my opinion!

Just listening to this song now, this should definitely be ranked higher. It's so powerful.

How is this song number 38? The truth beneath the rose is a beautiful song (it's wt, how can it not be beautiful? ) But seriously, why is this song so underrated? Vote for this song guys.

The most epic song (with Iron being close)

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37 Somewhere Somewhere

The most touching song from WT! Only Sharon is able to make such a lyrics, and bring out such a emotions! WT- angels of music...

An epic display of emotions! Somewhere connects very deeply with emotions. Heavy on the meaning yet sung so lightly... Beautiful vocals...

Okay, this song is something else. It's definitely a touching song and I listen to it daily... never ever gets old.

The duet version with Sharon & Anneke is absolutely awesome and touching

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38 Deciever Of Fools

This song is absolute heaven. It has everything from great music / lyric writing to amazing music & vocals.

I wish they would play this song more live. Sharon's vocals are out of this world at the end of the song.

This is a stunning song that is very complex. This showcases Sharon's lyric writing talents and her vocals are awesome. Another WT song that is just as good live as the studio version.

39 Sinèad Sinèad

What! This song has to be in number 1! Is the best song, the combination of music and voice is perfect! It has quiet parts where we can appreciated her beautiful voice, most other songs have to much noise and she has to scream.

Oh God WHAT A SONG! HAS TO BE NUMBER 1. Everyone should love this song its impossible not to.

How can this utterly awesome song not be in the top tens? I heard the remix and loved it, but this I found to be far better. NOT FAIR!
I don't believe it.

Stunning song, why so far down?

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40 Utopia Utopia

Without a doubt the magic of this song is in it's deep meaning. While it does not convey the power and beauty of Sharon's voice, it truly does carry great power within.

Come on. Sure it's different to their other songs but it's an amazing and powerful song. Should be in the top 15 at least!

Most underrated song by WT.

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