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41 Deciever Of Fools

This song is absolute heaven. It has everything from great music / lyric writing to amazing music & vocals.

I wish they would play this song more live. Sharon's vocals are out of this world at the end of the song.

This is a stunning song that is very complex. This showcases Sharon's lyric writing talents and her vocals are awesome. Another WT song that is just as good live as the studio version.

42 Utopia

Without a doubt the magic of this song is in it's deep meaning. While it does not convey the power and beauty of Sharon's voice, it truly does carry great power within.

Come on. Sure it's different to their other songs but it's an amazing and powerful song. Should be in the top 15 at least!

Most underrated song by WT.

43 Where Is the Edge V 2 Comments
44 Stairway to the Skies

A masterpiece. The song can not be seen just as the best song of the band, because it's clearly bigger than the band that created it. It is powerful alone, but as ending of the Unforgiving, "perfection" is just too lame description for it.

This song has a very mystical and angelic feel to both the lyrics and how the instrumental goes. The perfect song to end off an album.

In the 5 years I've loved this band, nothing could ever rival this one for me.

Not their best, but really underrated in my opinion.

V 2 Comments
45 Restless

Mellow and heartfelt. Operatic and powerful in its own way. Induces a calming but non-sedentary feeling of peace. Peace within mind when the holder knows of their otherwise restless soul.

Another fantastic vocal performance from Sharon.

Definitely one of WT's best songs.

46 Bittersweet

My partner is in the forces and when he gets deployed I always listen to this song and wait for his safe return.

This song really touches the emotions... love it!

47 Aquarius

I'm an Aquarius and this is the first song of Within Temptation I heard and my favorite song.

This one stands apart from the rest.

Its distinctive and eerie sound and dream-like vibe sets it a little ways off from most of WT songs.

48 Enter

This was the first song which made me love within temptation. This song is amazingly beautiful. I had never listened something like this before. I love rock songs, but when I listen to this song, I feel a big difference. The voice and the music stream make me feel a little scared but at the same time feel the beauty of the song.

Brilliantly crafted song. And written way before they were well known. Sharon's angelic voice contrasts well with Roberts growls.

49 Empty Eyes

Come on guys this is the best song Honestly listen to the LYRICS guys vote this song should at least be #8

GUYS! Come on this song should at least be in the top 10 her voice in this song is INCREDIBLE It's like a Version of Amy Lee's voice but Seriously #45 this song Deserves so much better I LOVE it I have it on REPEAT on my phone as we speak c'com vote gusy

Very melodic :D
love the lyrics and the music tone

50 The Last Dance
51 And We Run

Never thought I would say this as I hate rap. But this is a good song and the rap does add something to it.

I love the combination angelic voice and dark rapper voice, is just awesome! Listen!

Revolutionary song. I love when bands try new stuff.

I would have thought this song should be top 10!

V 3 Comments
52 Deceiver of Fools
53 Forsaken

Forsaken on 30th place...? Did anyone at least heard the song...? Anything less than "1" would be injustice for the song. Listen and then vote for the song

Really? 53?

54 The Swan Song

Like a good friend, this song reminds you of who you've been regardless of how different you've become.

I love EVANESCENCE... THEY'RE MY FAVORITE... But this is the song that made me hooked up in this band...

Simply beautiful :)
This deserves to be in the top 10!

I love "EVANESCENCE" but one song that got me hooked with "W. T" is this...

55 Blue Eyes

Very underrated WT song.

56 Candles

A Nerve chill- inducing variation. A dark feel to it considerably to the beginning cut. Then becomes almost satanic - almost - and brings about darkness as well as a quiet evilness from ones mind. Then the flash of ones past, and the revisiting of certain seemingly disregarded emotions come into play; a more moving sequence, heart-felt. "Good still exists in this world, and in you" states one's spiritual guidance/lover/friend/self; "But that good is gone now" replies the sorrowed. And then dissipates back into that wave of horror, of self-blaming, and loathing, perhaps. Downwards spiral into a slow but steady self-destruction. "Where has the peace gone? "

Candles is an amazing song. Within Temptation have many songs that are better live than the studio version and Candles is one of them. Just watch the performance of Candles live at Java Island, this has got to be Sharon's best live vocal performance ever. A beautiful woman with a beautiful voice what more do you need?


57 Whole World Is Watching

This song SO deserves to be in the top 10! What is going on here? It has so much meaning, amazing duet, fantastic tune. I sang it for about 6 weeks after first hearing it!

It is an amazing song.

58 Never-Ending Story V 2 Comments
59 Running Up That Hill

How is a cover song over above the swan song and whole world is watching?

60 Overcome
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