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61 Final Destination
62 The Dance

This song showcases Sharon's voice. Her soaring vocals contrast perfectly with Robert's growls. When she sings " you're the one" I almost come in my pants.

Love Sharon's witchy voice in this song. She has such a versatile voice.

Took me a while to appriciate this song, but like most most truely great songs they grow on you. Sharon is a Witch performing this live (I mean that in a good way)amazing vocals that touch your soul.

63 Stumme Schreie

I don't know why can't I find this song on the net anymore?! It's one of the best WT songs! If someone could tell me what happened, I would really be thankful!

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64 I Don't Wanna
65 Radioactive (Imagine Dragons Cover)
66 Time V 1 Comment
67 Dark Wings

That's amazing! My ears rejoice, my heart sings!

I wish they would play this live again

68 World of Make Believe

A mix of happiness and sadness in it.. Has a sense of hope above all. A hope that promises a world of make-believe for an imaginative individual striving for something more in this blatant, mundane journey.

69 Dog Days

Was not sure if I liked this song when I first heard it. Now I love it. Best song from Hydra.

70 Another Day
71 Are You the One?

Has nobody heard this song? It's beautiful and has such deep, meaningful lyrics combined with stunning music. Totally floored me

72 Covered by Roses
73 The Last Time
74 Blooded
75 Pearls of Light

Operatic and chorus encompassed, this song's bound to leave a great impact on the dreamers. A dark, chilling feeling comes out of it as well, which leaves us wondering what these pearls of light really are and what the purpose is for humanity.

76 Paradise (Coldplay Cover)
77 Apologize
78 Destroyed

If you haven't heard this, Google or youtube it. You simply won't believe how good it is... :-)

One of Sharon's best vocals, so pure and crystal clear. Great lyrics also.

79 Skyfall

Its rare to find a cover version of a song that blows the original straight out of the water and into outer space. evocative, powerful, haunting and captivating. is there anything this woman can't do?

80 Summertime Sadness
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