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21 Three Maxes and a Little Lady
22 Zeke Finds Out

This is awesome it incredibl its zekesirable its so funny I think you should watch thumbs up if you liked this episode and you like selena gomez

23 Justin's Little Sister

Because in this episode Justin and alex are so cute together and shows their love as being a brother and a sister the best episode ever watched of all seasons of wizards of waverly place

24 Family Game Night

I love seeing Alex and Harper share one single body, definitely one of my favorite episodes!

I think this episode was very funny

25 Alex's Logo
26 Future Harper
27 Art Teacher
28 Saving Wiz Tech
29 Alex Charms A Boy

Because Alex falls in love with Mason so romantic and I used to really truly love Wizards of Waverly Place and really truly enjoy every episode beginning to end of Wizards of Waverly Place and really truly be a part of something amazing excited adventurous and cool at the same time.

The romance is very adorable in this episode. Alex finds many boys, but Mason is different. He gives Alex a chance to feel loved. They are perfect for each other. Their kiss at the end gives me butterflies. It is so cute!

I love this episode because I love mason and alex together they are so cute!

30 Night at the Lazerama
31 Alex vs Alex

Such a great episode!

32 Ghost Roommate
33 Retest
34 My Tutor, Tutor
35 My Two Harpers
36 Rock Around the Clock
37 Daddy's Little Girl

K, I love this episode cause it shows a relationship and bond between a father and a daughter.

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