Top 10 Best WNBA Basketball Players


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1 Candace Parker

"Candice Parker" is a dominator on the court, I don't know any other person who's a better physical and talented person as her. "

The way she entered the WNBA was just outstanding! I don't think anybody came that hard on their rookie season.

She has the full package... And she's pretty to

Keep up the good work

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2 Lauren Jackson Lauren Jackson Lauren Elizabeth Jackson is an Australian former professional basketball player. The daughter of two national basketball team players, Jackson was awarded a scholarship to the Australian Institute of Sport in 1997, when she was 16. In 1998, she led the AIS team that won the Women's National Basketball more.

lauren jackson is far and away the best player ever. Lisa leslie was never player that jackson is.. lauren is better in every aspect of basketball.

Extremely versatile and can dominate every aspect on the court. As shown through the words of former Antonio silver stars coach Sandy Brondello "can you totally stop Lauren Jackson? "

3 Lisa Leslie

Lisa leslie was the first to dunk shes amazing candace parker is amazing to

The first women ever to do slam dunk!

First woman dunking

4 Diana Taurasi

Sexiest scorer ever in wnba... White mamba baby!

I think it is diana taurasi tamika catchings angel and katie douglas

5 Sue Bird

Sue or summer ha

Tne clutch birdy... Wnba best clutch player

Sue bird is the best player because she better then u ha ha ha

6 Sheryll Swoopes

Swoopes #6? Where is cynthia cooper? What is going on here? Cooper and swoopes practically invented the wnba and swoopes is just #6 while cooper is not even on the list? This website needs to deleted!

3 times MVP.

I want to write a comment on the already written one.
This list is really good.In the 7 first positions the 3 players with the 3 MVP awards are included. Do you know what happens with the mens' list? Jabbar (1st scorer of all times, only player with 6 MVP awards is only 7th(! ).For me he deserves a position 3 to 5.Chamberlaine should be 2nd but he's only 6th(! ). And I can't find any comment for a top ten list with the greatest athletes WITHOUT PELE in it...

7 Cynthia Cooper-Dyke

Why she not number 1, dude she was the Michael Jordan in women form. She could bet all of these people you have on the list.

Absolutely the best!

8 Maya Moore

She would waste everyone on this list..

I love maya moore defense

She's awesome

Situational,trustful player

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9 Elena Delle Donne

"She is a beast on the court"

10 Becky Hammon

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11 Sylvia Fowles
12 Deanna Nolan

Deanna Nolan is the Dwayne Wade of the WNBA =)

13 Angel McCoughtry

She is way better than sue bird sorry

She is better than Sue Bird - peaceswagtv

Yes sghe is way better than sue bird

14 Tina Thompson

Tina is kyrie irving

15 Tamika Catchings

I know this is not the best list but this is the best I could put her.

16 Brittney Griner

The most Dominate Center in WNBA history... By far

17 Maria Stepanova
18 Sophia Young

Se really is under rated. she should be higher to tell you the truth - TripleA

19 Cappie Pondexter
20 Ivory Latta

Her moves are like super cold.

21 Dawn Staley
22 Ruth Riley
23 Tangela Smith
24 Cheryl Ford
25 Tiffany Hayes
26 Rebecca Lobo
27 Katie Smith
28 Teresa Weatherspoon
29 Erin Phillips
30 Katie Douglas
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