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1 A Story to Tell

I love Woe, is me. They were such a great band! It's a shame that they broke up :( A story to tell is amazing! The chorus is OH MY GOD I'm SPEECHLESS I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY! There are no words that describes how beautiful this song is♥ OH AND A BIG THANK YOU TO WHOWEVER MADE THIS LIST IT'S SO HELPFUL♥

2 Vengeance
3 [&] Delinquents
4 Fame Over Demise

I love the lyrics to this but I prefer the acoustic version because it just sounds amazing - Rosh16

5 Hell or High Water

I love this, it's the first song I heard by Woe, is me and I was so surprised that even with screaming they could also sing beautifully as shown in some parts throughout this song. Plus it's a great to listen to when you want to vent some anger or whatever - Rosh16

6 The Walking Dead

It's incredibly catchy, and I always find myself singing along towards the end. - AftertheAngels

7 Family First
8 I've Told You Once
9 With Our Friends Behind Us
10 Stand Up

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11 Hot 'n Cold

Great song D Love the band even doe they broke up :c

12 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
13 Desolate (The Conductor)
14 For the Likes of You
15 Mannequin Religion
16 Our Number(s)
17 I
18 Tik Tok
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1. A Story to Tell
2. Stand Up
3. [&] Delinquents
1. Vengeance
2. Fame Over Demise
3. A Story to Tell


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