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1 Joker and the Thief

Great band and great song. It's about time we get a new band with a classic rock style.

Definitely the most popular song among their other songs. It has a very good beat/rhythm. The only other song that might have as much popularity as Joker and the Thief would probably be Woman. - kollinspenrath

It's punk is really awesome it deserves to be at the top I performed it in my college and everyone was like wow and me too.
It's simply awesome
Just vote for it guys and if possible make it the best song ever

Easily the best rock song by a hard rock band in the last 10 years. And they're from the mighty Australia too. It is the definition of hard rock

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2 Woman

This song is simply awesome. A very catchy riff with a great guitar tone. And stockdale's voice is really badass man. Go wolves go!

This song is apsoulutely insane, its all over the place with awesome guitar and screaming at the top of your voice, awesome song

The best wolfmother song... I agree it gets a bit boring after a few times, but still.

More cowbell.

3 Dimension

Second only to joker and the theif, epitimises Wolfmother's awesome one of a kind hard-heavy-crazy off-the-wall rock that we love.

You know that if WM had been around in the '60s or '70s that scream would have become iconic.

First time I heard this, I was absolutely hooked into Wolfmother, and back into hard rock again. Immediately, 15 seconds into the song. That's how good this song is.

4 White Unicorn

Why isn't this first? To me, I think that Jack White's voice and guitar sound unique, but Wolfmother's lead singer and guitarist sound so similar to him to me! I guessed that this album is White stripes before. Especially this song. Also Doesn't remind me by Audioslave I used to think is a White stripes song, even thought that doesn't sound like their voices. - Feirceraven

Best new song I've heard in years. Great classic rock style, amazing vocals, and incredible psychedelic bridge in style of the Doors. Great song great band!

5 New Moon Rising

Great riff, so much Black Sabbath in it!

1st song of wolfmother I heard
Best new experience

Great riffs and awesome drumming!

Saw them open for Gn'R with this one :3

6 Cosmic Egg

A good reconcilable riff. Good vocals and lyrics. And a very nice solo towards the end.

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7 Tales From the Forest of Gnomes

Not so "Wolfmother" but the signature Stockdale voice.

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8 Vagabond

One of the best tracks of Wolfmother... The rhythm goes perfect with Stockdale's voice and the crazy guitar that goes with the song... Amazing...

Amazing, simply took my heart away, brought out a lot of emotions.

Amazing song! Should be in the top 5 at least

Such a good song! How is this not rated higher? So catchy and you never get tierd of listening to it!

9 Mind's Eye

I love this song! really fun to sing to! - dragon13304

Slow epic ballad, I think this is why it's so underrated. Actually one of their best songs, the keyboard thrashing is just amazing.

its such a trippy song man, you get high just listening.

10 If 6 Was 9

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11 Back Round

It's got a western scary feel to it defiantly. Certainly the intro anyway. Catchy heavy riff throughout the song. Solo's not great but the rest of the song is! The song stops slightly towards the end for some narrative spooky vocals from Stockdale.

12 Pyramid

One of catchiest rock songs of 21st century. Wolfmothe relly goes back to the roots of real Rock music. These songs sound so classic and jet so fresh. Something to keep the real music alive.

Why is this at 12TH PLACE? its GREAT

13 Pleased to Meet You
14 California Queen

A real stoner rock sound to it. Heavy and powerful!

15 10,000 Feet

The two Riff's are brilliant and Andrew screams whilst holding the note near the end. It keeps you on the edge of your imagination...

Two amazing guitar riffs. Both that are very heavy, low and powerful. It's a hard rock/stoner rock heavy metal kind of song. My 3 favourite genres of music. Main riffs great but the one towards the end is even better. Very powerful. A real handbanging song

16 Love Train

That driving beat makes me want to jam every time I click it on. Awesome, simply awesome. If I were introducing someone to Wolfmother, this would be the song to play.

This is by far my favorite Wolfmother song! Just gets me going, can't be sad listening to this.

17 Colossal

This is my favourite song of the last twenty years or more. The imagery and the riffs go together so well.

18 Far Away

Wolfmother is the best band of the past couple of decades, and this is my favorite of their songs. It is simply beautiful. The "step down from the mountain side" verse gives me goosebumps.

Amazing song by wolfmother. Definitely should be up higher but maybe its just not as well known as some of their other songs. A must listen to song

Best wolfmother song, can't believe it's this low down.

Nothing to beat far away, do not understand why its not in the top 10

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19 Apple Tree

Classic hard rock song. This song includes my favourite guitar solo ever. Another great from the first album.

20 Pilgrim


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