Best Wolves at the Gate Songs

The Top Ten

1 Heralds

I saw these guys live last week. They were amazing. I could not get over the mosh pit. Nor this song. It rocks

2 Oh the Depths
3 Vapors
4 Tonight My Son
5 The Harvest
6 No Rival
7 Awaken
8 Dead Man

Great lyrics, awesome Vocals, killer drums!

9 Morning Star
10 Slaves

The Contenders

11 In Your Wake
12 Amnesty
13 Safeguards
14 Through the Night
15 Man of Sorrows
16 Step Out to the Water
17 Wake Up

Best riff, lyrics and vocals

18 Return
19 Asleep

Surprised this song is not on the list

20 Dust to Dust V 1 Comment
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