Top Ten Best Wonka Candy

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1 Nerds

It's a classic! I love the smile it brings and the taste it gives! The candy in the huge boxes last forever in the movie theater and it can crunch and munch all day and it never gets old! I don't get why some people don't like it just I honestly don't care cause nerds is the best by far!

I think that Nerds are amazing! I had to find an interesting topic for school and this was it! Nerds are sweet and sour and I hope that Wonka keeps on making them! I just do not get why people don't like them.

I love nerds! Whenever I go to the dairy I always buy nerds. I love that they have no particular shape and they are my favourite lolly. Love the packaging too.

Nerds is the best wonka candy ever - michaelwalton

2 Gobstoppers

I love being able to not eat another one and feeling like I've already eaten a lot of em, so I don't have to eat so many calories.

That's actually the British name for Jawbreaker because it was actually written by a British author.

Just like jawbreakers. One of my favorite candies

They are the best candies ever in the history of candy!

3 Laffy Taffy Laffy Taffy is a brand of taffy manufactured by Nestlé and sold under their Willy Wonka Candy Company brand.

Laffy Taffy is SO GOOD, it has this chewy bubblegum-like flavor and you can just bite in it and save the rest for later! I honestly don't UNDERSTAND some people, they hate this! Well, I HATE Nerds, it's true! So HA HA in your faces! (If you ever see comments with extra punctuation and capitals, read it! Mine's are FUN, FUN, FUN! )

Laffy Taffy for sure. The strawberry flavor is amazing.

A mix of sweet and chewy! You couldn't ask for anything better!

I didn't know that was even a willy wonka candy

4 Fun Dip

Fun Dip is an addicting powder mess that is out of this world! They are so sour and they will have anybody hunt them down to find this candy! IT IS EPIC!

Fun dip is amazing so delisouse and out of this world! I highly don't recommend it for smaller children 0-6 because the powder is messy, unless you help them!

I was licking my lips for hours after seeing it - Twisted_Wizard_Gregs_Only

Reminds me of Smile Dip from Gravity Falls - FuffleyandPeetah

5 Bottle Caps

Soda flavored candy without too much fizziness. What could be better!

Bottle caps r so good, I love them so much, because they melt in your mouth and once you have 1 ya gotta try about 100000 more, they r addictive, and you wil get hooked on them seriously

Totally addicting. Can't eat just one, never.

I love bottle caps

6 Nerds Rope

Candy of my childhood for cryin out loud!

Better than regular nerds

I think this should've been #1

7 Runts

Candy shaped and flavored fruit!

TOO GOOD! Grape flavor is the best!

The besttt

8 Sweet Tarts

I love nerds but sweet tarts are the best

I could eat these buy the buckets! They are my go to candy t sneak in the movies!

Og good so good


9 Kazoozles

This is by far the best Wonka candy, and they are easily one of my favorite candies over any other type. Mine can't believe it's so low on the list. With the sweet and chey outside and the super tangy soft filling. These are AWESOME!

I think kazoozles are the best candy wonka has come out with yet, I eat them everyday

My friend made me try one and it was AMAZING

They sound good I wanna try them

10 Pixy Stix

I couldn't ask for more because its full of sugar!

Pure sugar who could ask for any thing more!

This should be number 2. it is awesome but not better than nerds

Why oh why is this at the bottom of the list

The Contenders

11 Chewy Sweet Tarts
12 Shockers

Loved these ever since I was a young child. I would buy these all the time and became obsessed. I even remember keeping the wrapper when I was five so that I could study the ingredients and make them myself. This is the best wonka candy in existence.

Shockers are ten times better than the rest of this junk they are are so chewy and are so sour you will love them. They are so fruity and sour it's so hard to resist.

Shockers are AWESOME! They will give you that drooling sensation right before you eat it! They should be a little higher in the top 10!

Oh, come on, who are you people? Shockers are hands-down THE BEST candy out there. NERDS?! IN NUMBER ONE?! A travesty.

13 Spree

Yum sprees. Better then shockers as far as I know

These are THE BEST

14 Wonka Bar

So tasty and rich

I love the taste!

Wonka bars are so good! It's so sad they were discontinued in the U.S.

15 Scrumdiddlyumptious bar
16 Oompas

Sounds good and funny but I've never tried it

17 Sweet Tarts Squeez
18 Xploder

Try This Chocolate! It's Got Pop Rocks In It! Great Combo!

19 Donutz
20 Sweet Tarts Chews

Love these but can never find them!

Been eating these since I was a kid. Even better than starbursts!

21 Tangy Taffy

*Not to be confused with Laffy Taffy.

22 Sherbet Licorice
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