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21 Melodica V 2 Comments
22 Tin Whistle

Every Irish ten year old knows how to play this

A great instrument, and even an easy starter, with a beautiful sound. Go with the Clarke tinwhistle with the wood block, rather than the 'meg' with the plastic fipple.

23 Subcontrabass Flute
24 Soprano Saxophone

Love you! so much better than clarinets because you can actually HEAR these bad to the bone instruments!

25 Alto Clarinet V 1 Comment
26 Bansuri (Bamboo Flute)
27 Pan Pipes
28 Harmonica Harmonica

Yea harmonica

29 Quena

The quena (ken-ah) is an Andean, seven-hole, end-blown flute, also called an open whistle. It has an incrdibly beautiful sound. The first octave is the easiest to play by far, and the higher octaves take a lot of practice. It has an amazingly rich sound, and great amplitude. As far as the difficulty goes (at least for the first octave), it's a great middle-ground between a whistle and a flute/fife. For the higher octaves, it's a bit tricky, but you can work your way up, and the smaller the inner diameter of the bore, the easier they are to play (18mm is a large inner diameter). I also play the quenacho, which is a large version of the quena (low D) whereas quenas are typically G (aka Sol). I also play whistles, fifes, flutes, ocarinas, recorders, and pan flutes. All of them are great, but the quena is the least known, and I think it has the most amazing sound. Whatever you start with, the smaller/higher wind instruments are typically the easiest, requiring the least amount of air, and ...more

30 Bass Oboe
31 Duduk
32 Bass Flute

The sound of this is so nice and mysterious. It's just like your everyday flute, but lower. A good bass flute solo will give you chills. I really wish I owned this instrument.

33 Fife
34 Baritone Saxophone

So epic it makes the soft-toned Soprano, the almighty Alto, ands the tremendous Tenor want to huddle together and cry their keys out.

I play this Instrument and honestly, it is so much fun. so much better than Trumpet, Bassoon, Trombone, and especially the bass clarinet. :D

The Unknown Potato

35 Shakulute
36 Contrabass Clarinet

The best instrument for anyone who is good with low notes on a clarinet. #ContraBossClarinet

37 Indian Bamboo Flute

I play bamboo flute and its awesome and cheap.

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