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61 Storm
62 Perfect

This is the perfect word. No pun intended.

Its nice to say

63 Eclectic

Don't care what it means, it sounds awesome.

64 Seahorse
65 New
66 Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

It appears I'm not the only one who knows this word! (: I mainly only say it just to feel smart for knowing how to say and spell this, but it's a pretty awesome word

I agree, I know a lot of people know how to spell this, but not anyone in my class, nor the definition, or the word itself.

This word is some sorta lung disease but I'm sure it is pretty cool to say!

Do you know what it is?

67 Laptop
68 Idiosyncrasy
69 Cup
70 I
71 Am
72 If
73 Inspiration
74 Cool
75 Fail
76 Savage
77 Marsupial
78 Swag

Keep calm and YOLI SWAG

No l don't like this word.. 😖 - Number18

79 Boobies

What kind of list is this? There are certain words I don't like to say because of the way they sound or the way my senses get mixed up when I say them; this is one of them. They are a fact of life, (for girls at least) and affirmative, people talk about them in vulgar and abusive ways. I really do not fully comprehend why men are sexually attracted to this certain part of a woman's body. It is immensely peculiar.

Just a quick note on the word "masturbate", (which is the option bellow) not only do people throw this word around to much, but it's just another strange word in the English language referring to self intercourse. The word masturbate doesn't make me feel all weird when I say it, but what DID make me feel somewhat awkward is when I had to explain the word's definition to my brother (age 9) when he heard it on a Minecraft YouTube video. (Don't ask me WHY the subject of masturbation needs to be brought up on a Minecraft video. )

Anyway, this list is really ...more - RockFashionista


80 Oasis
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