Best Work Boot Brands

What is the top quality brand of work boot? Vote for you favorite.

The Top Ten

1 Red Wing

I spent a lot of hard earned money for a totally uncomfortable boot its useless in the oil field unless you want very sore and aching feet.

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2 Chippewa

Chippewa Super Loggers by far are the best boot out there. My Timberlands couldn't match them.

4 Wolverine
5 Georgia

Love red wings but Georgia boots are also so comfortable

6 Timberland

Pit boss is a great boot have had almost 18 months in the oil field now worn out time to buy a new pair.

The pit boss soft toe boots are very durable and very comfortable to.

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7 Wesco
8 Golden Retriever
9 Thorogood

Most comfortable pair of boots you'll ever wear!

I swear by them and hope to die in them

10 Justin

The Contenders

11 Rocky
12 Ariat Workhog
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