Best World of Warcraft Races

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Night Elf

Dude night elfs do froont flips when they jump, they look awesome, they can be druids, they make sweet rogues and hunters

They look cool, and they make lit druids

I love that they are so mystical!

Night elf is cool


"Let's play as humans cause we're humans in we're life! Duh-huh! " Oi...I'm sorry, but for me, humans are the most overrated race in the Warcraft universe. In my opinion, they are way too up themselves and their storylines are uninteresting to me.

It is the best for Ranged casting classes like mage and warlock. Humans are the best because that's what we are and we should support that. Its not like were tauren or elves. WE ARE HUMAN!

The most boring race to chose


They're big bulls and awesome! They can't be number ten!

Better than humans. Almost better than night elves.

I like taurens, unique and COWS


They have really funny/badass accents and they'd make great warriors/paladins.

Keep yer feet on the ground.


Why isn't worgen number one? Worgen are awesome! I don't get what people hate about them. As a fan of werewolves (the ones that actually look like wolves), I adore this race.

They might be real monsters :/

Worgen makes are hot. Then can shapeshift to human and The campaign is awesome

They could shapeshift to humans. They get incresed crit, fast skinners. And they get dark flight


They are big green killing machines

Thanks! Please share your opinion:

They make great hunters due to their racials like berzerk make great warriors and the extra pet dmg makes an orc hunter a strong adversary

Increased pet dmg is very useful for me as I play a Warlock


Trolls are the best mon

Trolls are better then every other race.

Da voodoo shuffle mon


Love the tranquility of the turtle island. You get zen tp. Plus monks can dd tank or heal.

The most unique in my opinion.

Panda power!


The Draenei are beautiful. Not to mention they have Russian voice actors. :D

There just right and easy to build up level

There design is flawless

I had, and still have, the most fun with Draenai. Heck, they were the first of the new 2 races I've played once because came out.

Blood Elf

The sexiest race in the whole game

Coolest race for each class. Hands down.

Great for killing magic enemies.


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Who doesn't like little people!



Come on, who doesn't love being a devious Goblin? Their story is hilarious and enjoyable. If you want a kick-butt character, a warlock or hunter Goblin makes for a fun time. "Sick 'em mudcrab Mordecai! "

Lightforged Draenei


Zandalari Troll
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