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41 Yojiro Uetake

Never lost- and was never really challenged in three years at Oklahoma State from 1963-1966. Won three collegiate national championships. Won two freestyle Olympic gold medals for Japan in 1964 and 1968. HE IS THE BEST WRESTLER THAT NOBODY EVER TALKS ABOUT. Too bad- because he was incredible!

42 Howard Harris
43 Mavlet Batirov

Dude was a freak. People couldn't even tie up with him without getting ducked under for a takedown. He was a 2 time olympic champion and world champion.

44 Tom Prichard
45 Martin Klein

Winner of the longest wrestling match ever recorded 11h 40 min. Estonian wrestler who competed for the Russian Empire at the 1912 Summer Olympics. He won the silver medal in the middleweight class. In the semifinal against the reigning world champion Alfred Asikainen, the two grappled for 11 hours and 40 minutes on a sunny day outdoors, until Klein managed to pin Asikainen. Klein was so exhausted from the bout, that he was unable to wrestle for the gold the next day, leaving Swedish wrestler Claes Johansson with the gold medal.

46 Bill Koll

72-0 and three time ncaa champion. His college career got interrupted by WW2 where he served at the Normandy landings. Also an outstanding coach. Placed fifth in the Olympics, on a controversial trip vs Germany.

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