Top Ten Best Wrestling Finishing Moves

What is the best wrestling finisher. With which one you put your opponent the best down.

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41 Scorpion Death Drop

This move is the best ever sting common people people you got to be kidding me

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42 The Muscle Buster

Obviously going to hurt your muscles.

43 The Styles Clash
44 Killswitch
45 Gore
46 West Coast Pop
47 Tiger Bomb
48 Ankle Lock

Makes you tap out in a instant!

49 C-4
50 Twist of Fate

This move is used by brothers Matt and Jeff hardy I know most of you wouldent put this move on here. Go to YouTube and watch best twist of fates it will change your mind.

51 Piledriver

Hands Down best finisher! It had to be banned because it was so dangerous. Even Chyna broke her neck!

52 Chris Master's Master Lock
53 Codebreaker
54 Jake "The Snake" Roberts's DDT

When finishing moves actually mattered and could knock someone out cold. This was the best. He could pull it out of nowhere and win the match.

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55 The Accolade

It is most painful.

56 AJ Clash (A.J. Styles)

Awesome move by aj styles

57 Roman Reigns Superman Punch

The superman punch is the final move of roman reigns
He is the biggest fighter of year 2014

58 Skull Crushing Finale
59 Crippler Crossface
60 Heart Punch

Already forgotten the grand wizard said he killed some opponents in Japan

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