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1 Hardy Boyz

Hardy Boyz are my favourite by a bit above edge and christian


2 Undertaker & Kane

Undertaker and Kane are dominant enough on their own. Together? Theyre pretty much unstoppable - AbdullahSaeedKhan

brothers of destruction can destroy anyone

the brother of destruction rule!

Hardy Boyz are ok but NOWHERE near these guys. You have but they suck since it's only HHH and HBK. Thank god the New Day did not take the spot though. Team Hell No was good because they ended the Shield's so called streak. If it weren't for Reigns. Shield would have been jobbers. REIGNS DEFEATING BOTH MADE NO SENSE! Edge and Christian do steal the show but Undertaker and Kane have power, agility, speed, and they also take high risks. Edge and Christian are just risk takers

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3 D Generation X

Undertaker and kane can't be at 1st because they both always fight with each other but d generation X is that team in which both the fighter respect each other so they should be at 1st place.

Is so awesome if Shawn and Hunter told me me to suck I would be down there in seconds because Shawn and Hunter are the most entertaining

Undertaker and kane what the hell DX is simply the best the didn't even wrestled often... and the hardy boys Jeff is awesome but Matt y' know...


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4 Edge & Christian

7 time tag team champions together.there are 17 world titles between them (Edge 11, Christian 6) and overall tag titles between them are 23 tag titles (14 Edge, 9 Christian) - jared5

7times tag team champions of the world

5 Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal)

This tag team brought the division to its knees. They've won the belts in every promotion they were ever in. They can definitely beat the hardy boys and possibly. They would also make a great match with the brothers of destruction. Hawk and animal could beat Kane and undertaker too, remember this, Undertaker was eliminated by the Road Warriors in the 1991 Royal Rumble

Off course! All I can say is: OOW What a rush! (and sticking my tongue out really far! ;-) ) And off course because we got to remember Hawk, who died way to soon...

Should have won the WWF World Tag Team Championship more than just twice!

The Road Warriors were like the Mike Tyson of tag teams. They would enter the ring and totally intimidate their opponents. Most of their matches only lasted about 90 seconds. The brute strength, mean streak and polished teamwork made them unstoppable. Usually, the only times they lost is when the other team cheated. Their stops in the NWA, AWA, WCW and WWE were super successful, winning the gold on several occasions. At times, they were more popular and had a bigger draw than the promotions current world champion. “Hands down” the best ever!

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6 Dudley Boyz

Greatest tag team ever, enough said.

7 The Hart Foundation

Hit man hits hart kills

8 The Dudley Boys
9 Motor City Machineguns

They are way better than any body else! They're good as the Hardy boyz, The Hart Foundation, Dx, Edge and Christian, and Brothers of Destruction and Generation me!

10 New Age Outlaws

How they aren't number 1, yet alone in the top 10 is beyond me.

Really cool - EliHbk

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11 nWo

This was a faction at some points - KingSlayer93316

Throwing the toothpick

12 Evolution

they were a good team until triple h got jealous of randy orton beecauze he was the wwe world heavyweight champion...

13 The Acolytes Protection Agency
14 Big Show & Kane
15 Jack & Gerry Brisco
16 Rated-RKO
17 The Mega Powers
18 The Young Bucks
19 The Brothers of Destruction

They’re so good that they’re on here twice - KingSlayer93316

20 Razor Ramon & Kevin Nash

Sorry It�'s Of course The Outsiders, One Of The Greatests ever - copkiller

21 Los Guerrero's
22 The Usos

I pick the usos because they are a good team

Hot Twins. enough said.

23 Grandmaster Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty
24 Bradshaw & Farroq
25 Primo & Epico
26 The Four Horsemen

Simply the best.

27 Edge & Rey Mysterio
28 The Blackjacks
29 Demolition

Should be top 3 with Road Warriors and D Generation X

30 Beer Money, Inc.
31 The Steiner Bros.
32 The Road Warriors The Road Warriors The Road Warriors were a professional wrestling tag team composed of Michael "Hawk" Hegstrand and Joseph "Animal" Laurinaitis.
33 Kane & RVD

nobody remembers this underrated duo they should get back together they were unstoppable

Kane and RVD were together, the greatest Tag team ever!

34 Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero
35 The Rockers

Tag Team specialist will always be the best team, synchronized moves, quick temp, unpredictability they were fluid

36 The Rock N Roll Express
37 The British Bulldogs
38 Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit
39 Stone Cold and the Rock

They were never a tag team, but an amazing rivalry between the two superstars - KingSlayer93316

40 Air Boom
41 Bushwackers

the best!

42 The Midnight Express
43 Earthquake And Tugboat
44 Team Xtreme
45 America's Most Wanted
46 Briscoes
47 Main Event Mafia
48 Harlem Heat

Booker t and his bro stevie ray 10 time wcw tag champions - jared5

49 Cena and Rey
50 The Fabulous Freebirds
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