Best Wu-Tang Clan Songs

A list of all the best Wu Tang Clan songs, whether it be solo or as a group.

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1 C.R.E.A.M C.R.E.A.M Cover Art

This song is a 100/100 It's simply a good masterpiece. This song will be always on my rappa' heart-

This song has had an enduring influence on rappers. Method Man's hook, "Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M., Get the money; dollar, dollar bill, y'all," and other references pop up in countless rap songs. Everyone from The Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac to Kanye West, Nas, and Drake have incorporated send-ups to the song on their own tracks. Eminem also included it on the soundtrack to this 2002 film, 8 Mile.

Classic stuff, pure money machine but good keeped on its time. The good times flyed away but this song will always remind me of them!

Cash rules everything around me.

2 Protect Ya Neck Protect Ya Neck Cover Art

This blast of hardcore hip-hop was the first Wu-Tang Clan release. The Staten Island group financed the recording themselves and pressed a 12" single containing three versions of this song and a vocal and instrumental version of "After The Laughter Comes Tears" as the B-side. They also took care of distribution (bringing the single to local record shops and selling out of cars) and promotion (hitting up local clubs and radio stations) on their own. Their plan worked, and this DIY underground success gave the act instant credibility, as it was clear that these guys were real hustlers who lived their lyrics, and not a burnished record company creation. Major labels came calling, and the group signed with RCA subsidiary Loud Records in a deal that included an unusual clause: all members were free to pursue solo careers outside of the label.

LYRICALLY SPEAKING one of the best hip-hop songs of all time, raekwon and inspectah deck were ' killers in that track.

No chorus line, just 5 clean minutes of raw rapping. Excellent.

Lyrically godlike and catchy as hell

3 Da Mystery of Chessboxin' Da Mystery of Chessboxin' Cover Art

The group is from Staten Island, which among the five boroughs of New York City, had been underrepresented in hip-hop. The group sometimes refer to it as "Shaolin" Island, a reference to the Shaolin style of martial arts. One of the most greater Japanese Beats in Hip hop & rap.

This song is so hard wow I don't really know wu tang but this song is awesome

Beast song... So underrated

One of the best songs in 90's Rap

4 Triumph Triumph Cover Art

"Triumph" is a song by American hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan, from their 1997 album Wu-Tang Forever. It was released as the lead single from the album in February 1997. The song does not have a chorus, instead, solely consisting of an intro and interlude by Ol' Dirty Bastard and verses from the other eight Wu-Tang members and associate (and future member) Cappadonna. It is the only Wu-Tang song featuring all members.

My all time favorite Wu Tang song the beat was absolutely filthy and the flows were awesome

Hardest lines combined with the best flow.

Sounds Amazing!

5 Can It Be All So Simple Can It Be All So Simple Cover Art

Better than Triump at least this song should be Number #3 it's amazingly calming.

This song it's the best hit that Wu-Tang Clan maked in all their career

Thi most relaxing Wu-Tang Clan song

The track it's just mindblowing in his way to calm listeners.

6 Method Man Method Man Cover Art

This song is the real reason by way Method Man is so famous

The only good Wu-Tang's song

Are you sure about that, because like everything off of their first album is good. - EvanWellens

Unforgettable classic

Good rappin' style baby!

7 Gravel Pit Gravel Pit Cover Art

Sick beat and method man kills it

8 Shame On a N**** Shame On a N**** Cover Art

I'm surprised this song has flown under so many people's radar. It's like just under three minutes long. Go listen to it!

¡¡Most Catchy Wu-Tang Clan Song!

9 Ain't Nothin' Ta F*** Wit

Nothing gets me going like that bass drop.

Tiger Style


So hyped

10 Bring Da Ruckus Bring Da Ruckus Cover Art

Wu-Tang slang gonna leave ya headpiece hanging!

I love the lyric style, goes different to the rest.

A timeless classic.

Good great song

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11 Verbal Intercourse
12 Tearz Tearz Cover Art

RZA at his finest! 2 emotional stories told by the rapping gods RZA and Ghostface

RZA's best verse of his entire career and my favourite song off 36 chambers!

Underrated classic.

Stills a fantastic song, with a fantastic beat.

13 Bring Da Pain Bring Da Pain Cover Art
14 Winter Warz

Nothing speaks louder and goes harder than winter warz

Cappadona kills it with his verse

15 Ice Cream Ice Cream Cover Art
16 Jah World Jah World Cover Art
17 Reunited Reunited Cover Art

Sick sample, nice flow, one of the best song by wu-tang!

I put this at 2nd, putting a Better Tommorow above it. GZA’s opening with ‘for metaphorical parables to fertilise the earth’ and the in depth is so cool. And not to say Iron Lung who said ‘is it appetite for destruction...’ it’s just the most catchy thing I’ve heard all day

18 Duel of the Iron Mic
19 Think Differently Think Differently Cover Art
20 Clan In Da Front Clan In Da Front Cover Art

It's a pretty good song in my opinion, this does a 80% of the things correct!

Better than Think Differently,Duel of the Iron Mic, Reunited, Jah World, Ice Cream, Winter Warz, Bring Da Pain: Even Tearz and Verbal Intercourse : This song just needs to be in the Top 10 I feel it could fit better wit

Underrated as hell

Magnific song

21 Still Grimey
22 Impossible Impossible Cover Art
23 Rules Rules Cover Art
24 Bells of War Bells of War Cover Art
25 Shaolin Worldwide
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