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Giant WWE Superstars with billed heights over 6 foot 8.

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Undertaker (6 foot 10) (300 pounds)

What!? The Undertaker is #1! Andre only won the world title for less than a minute! Taker is a 8 time world champion! He's won so many championships, his gimmick is the greatest ever, he's the greatest Wrestlemania performer ever and most importantly, WWE themselves, have named Taker the greatest big man ever.

Undefeated man ever in wrestlemania, whom ever stands with him in wrestlemania he will defeat and rest in peace them. Streak will continue till undertaker in wwe.

Your right undertaker is the best

Easily the best, the website even says in fact most of the lists on the website and this one do too. And he has the most amoun of great accolades and is the most dominant star in WWE history

Andre the Giant (7 foot 4) (520) André René Roussimoff, known as André the Giant, was a French professional wrestler and actor. André He most famously feuded with Hulk Hogan, culminating at WrestleMania III, and his best-remembered film role was that of Fezzik, the giant in The Princess Bride. His size was a result of gigantism more.

He is the second best wrestler ever

The stories on Andre are Legendary. First, you have the bar with the Funk brothers and enter the motorcycle gang that comes inside and starts to mess with Andre. every time one of the bikers went to the restroom, they hit Andre in the Kidneys as they walked by. The Funk brothers are watching this asking Andre if he is going to say something. Andre tells them to let it go and that the gang will stop punching him. Well, it didn't happen that way. Somewhere during the drinking session, Andre finally had enough of getting Kidney punched and went after the entire gang. The Funk Brothers offered assistance, which Andre refused. They said he walked around the bar knocking every biker out with one punch. Remember, Andre's fists were massive, so it would be like getting hit with a sledgehammer. After he knocked all fifteen guys out, he went back to the bar, and continued drinking. Terry Funk couldn't believe what he witnessed. Don't ever piss a giant off!

WWE Andre the giant 7foot 4. 520

He actually is a giant!

Andre the Giant is the best of course! But all their heights are not correct.
This is the real height of wrestlers (in reality, on barefoot)
Giant Gonzalez 7'6
Andre the Giant 7'1
Great Khali 7'0
Big Show 6'10
Kurgan 6'9
Kevin Nash 6'8.5
Kane 6'8
Big John Studd 6'7
Undertaker 6'7
Sid Justice 6'6.75
Big Daddy V 6'6

Big Show (7 foot 1) (490 pounds) Paul Randall Wight, Jr. is an American professional wrestler and actor, better known by his ring name Big Show.

Big show is the wrestlers! He is the best athletic and the world heavy weight champion! No on can stop Big Show...

KaNe (7 feet) (326 pounds) Glenn Thomas Jacobs is an American professional wrestler, insurer, and actor. He works for WWE, and is best known by his ring name Kane.

Kane the monster unleashes Hell! Whenever this 7-foot giant steps in the ring Kane is the greatest WWE wrestler of all time

The Big Red Monstor will dominate wwe

Kane is best wrestler all time. Body beat him

Nobody can beat Kane he is the best!

Giant Gonzales (7 foot 8) (490 pounds)

He s the largest athlete in the world, not the big show - 7 inches taller than the big show and 4 inches taller than andre the giant and 30 pounds slimmer and faster than andre the giant.

He made even The Undertaker look like a midget

What else can you say... He's GIANT. He also destroyed The Undertaker the first time they ever met so therefore he the best

This guy isn't big or anything

Diesel (7 foot 1) (330 pounds) Kevin Scott Nash is an American professional wrestler and actor, currently signed to WWE under their legends program. He is best known for his time with World Wrestling Federation under the ring name Diesel, and World Championship Wrestling under his real name.
Big Daddy V (6 foot 9) (490 pounds)

Kane sucks and most overrated wrestler of all time. Big Daddy was the best. RIP Big Daddy

The Great Khali (7 foot 3) (420 pounds) Dalip Singh Rana, better known by his ring name The Great Khali, is an Indian promoter, actor, powerlifter and professional wrestler best known for his time with WWE.

He sucks because his ass got kicked by Ryback, Big Show, John Cena, Mark Henry, Giant Silva, Undertaker, Kane, Batista, Randy Orton, HHH, Edge, Sheamus etc for several times.

Khali is the best. He has kicked the ass of John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Big Show etc. Khali is better than Cena. In reality Khali would destroy Cena and Lesnar just with ine blow.

The great indian khali was the best wrestler in his prime. He was an unstoppable giant who kicked the ass of taker, batista, kane etc. ,.

Khali is great. Indian power rule the world.

Sid Justice (6 foot 9) (317 pounds)
Giant Silva (7 foot 2) (390 pounds)

The Contenders

Big John Studd (6 Foot 10) (380 Pounds) John William Minton was an American professional wrestler and actor, better known by his ring name, Big John Studd.

in 1975 they measured him and he was 7 foot 1

Kurrgan (7 Foot 2) (350 Pounds)
Masked Kane (7 Feet) (340 Pounds)
Braun Stowman (6 Foot 8) (360 Pounds)
Glenn Jacobs (6 foot 8) (300 pounds)
Bruiser Brody (6 foot 8) (290 pounds) Frank Donald Goodish was an American professional wrestler who earned his greatest fame under the ring name Bruiser Brody.
Nathan Jones (6 foot 11) (325 pounds) Nathan Jones is an Australian actor, powerlifting champion, strongman and retired professional wrestler.
Giant Haystacks (6 foot 11) (550 pounds)
Hulk Hogan (6 foot 8) (320 pounds) Terry Gene Bollea, better known by his ring name Hulk Hogan, is an American professional wrestler, actor, television personality, entrepreneur and rock bassist.

Back in the early 80s Hogan used to be 6'8

Gremlins 2, anyone?

Erick Rowan (6 Foot 8) (315 Pounds) Joseph Rudd is an American professional wrestler signed to WWE, where he performs under the ring name Erick Rowan.
Akebeno (6 foot 8) (504 pounds)
Akeem (6 foot 9) (450 pounds)
Luke Gallows (6 Foot 8) (305 Pounds)
Wade Barrett (6 Foot 7) (250 Pounds) Stuart Alexander "Stu" Bennett is an English professional wrestler, actor, and former bare-knuckle boxer, best known for his tenure with WWE under the ring name Wade Barrett.
Razor Ramon (6 foot 7) (290 pounds) Razor Ramon is a professional wrestling gimmick used by Scott Hall in World Wrestling Federation from 1992 to 1996.
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