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21 Here Comes The Pain - Brock Lesnar

They even made a game with that quote. Come On!

22 Try Me I and Will Make You Famous - Undertaker

What a beauty quote

23 You know your damn role and shut your damn mouth - The Rock
24 Suplex City, Bitch! - Brock Lesnar V 4 Comments
25 Thank You For Reminding Us Just Who The Hell We Are - DX Triple H

NYC line

26 Woo Woo Woo You Know It - Zack Ryder
27 Best Since Day One - CM Punk
28 Believe That! - Roman Reigns

This is the most famous line in WWE. Because we Believe That.

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29 Buisness Is About To Pick Up - Jim Ross
30 You Cant See Me - John Cena

you can't see me my time is now. shows his face, doesn't show his face

John Cena is the best as you can't see him

It's the best the jhoncena cena is the only man who have always been against eveil like first nexus then shield n now latest against authority

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31 You think you can beat me. I know I can beat you. - The Rock
32 I can and I will, believe that - Roman Reigns V 1 Comment
33 I am a wrestling GOD! - JBL
34 The Champ Is Here! - John Cena

John Cena deserves to be the wwe champion

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35 Telling us RAW is WAR , what the Hell you think we came here for? - The Rock

This is the best with a lot of attitude you all will agree. The Rock surely had sth special, WE STILL MISS YOU. - hurricanex

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36 Would You Please Shut the Hell Up - Chris Jericho
37 Show Off - Dolph Ziggler
38 Raw Is Jericho - Chris Jericho
39 I Love C**** - Triple H disguised as Vince McMahon
40 Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your a**!
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