Top 10 Best WWE PPV Events

The Top Ten Best WWE PPV Events

1 Wrestlemania X-Seven

Hands down the best WrestleMania ever. The 2nd match of the Rock/Austin trilogy, this time a No DQ match for the WWF Championship, was a hellacious brawl with false finishes galore and Steve Austin ultimately reclaiming the gold after doing the unthinkable: accepting help from Vince McMahon, whom he had feuded with throughout the Attitude Era. Every other match on the card, ranging from Undertaker/Triple H, to the Vince/Shane McMahon Street Fight, to the triple threat tag team TLC match, were all great matches and felt like main events in their own right. There was very little filler material during this event and every match seemed to click perfectly with the live audience, something that appears to be a lost art in today's era of WWE television.

Guys just get a dvd/blue ray and watch this ppv... The best ppv by a mile...5 awesome matches that are main events in their own rights...
At least go check the matches on YouTube they are uploaded there...

The 25 Greatest wwe events of all time are
1. Wrestlemania 17
2. Wrestlemania 19
3. Summerslam 2002
4. Survivor series 2002
5. Royal rumble 2000
6. Royal rumble 2001
7. One night stand 2006
8. One night stand 2005
9. Wrestlemania 20
10. No way out 2001
11. Wrestlemania 10
12. Summer slam 1998
13. Royal rumble 1992
14. Unforgiven 2006
15. Backlash 2000
16. Vengeance 2005
17. Wrestlemania 21
18. Survivor series 1998
19. King of the ring 1998
20. Royal rumble 2007
21. Backlash 2007
22. Judgment day 2000
23. Summerslam 2001
24. Summerslam 2000
25. Summerslam 1997

Look Austin and the rock had a great feud and all but come on no one could think of such a horrible match sooo long and I got bored out of my pants all Austin was using was that stupid chair and beat the living hell out of the rock this one was supposed to be horrible but how they turned it around how they made things happen but this wasn't lived up to what it could have so that's my thought a good match but not really heart pounding like the first one

2 Summerslam 2002

Solid matches all round, but Triple H v Shawn Michaels was brutal to say the least. Good to see the show stopper back in action since his Wrestlemania 14 match with Austin (1998)

Every match on the card was very good I'd say top 3 worthy it's right next WM X-7 for me. - htoutlaws2012

Rey Mysterio's PPV debut. Booyaka! :-)

3 Wrestlemania 19

Wrestlemania 17 and 19 are by far the two greatest wwe events of all time!

Brock vs Kurt... THAT'S WHAT I CALL WRESTLING! The rock vs Austin unreal and mc mahon vs hogan was leathul! Shud be number 3 easy... Survivor series 2003 is the best ever but!

Shawn Micheals and Chris Jericho stopped the show when it barely got started.

H vs Booker T AWESOME, Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar EPIC, Stone Cold vs The Rock EPIC, Vince vs Hogan AWESOME, Undertaker vs Big Show and A-Train AWESOME.. It was a EPIC SHOW

4 Survivor Series 2002

ALL championships changed hands on this event. - micoytancinco12

All the matches were excellent except Lesnar vs Show. - htoutlaws2012

5 WWE: Money in the Bank 2011

Randy orton vs christian and cena vs punk two great feuds two great matches

Very nice ppv, best of the past years, I liked both the matches of Smackdown and Raw. There was always something going on, Ladders are always good

Best PPV of the modern Decade it literally delivered on almost every match they really hit a big one here. - htoutlaws2012

The best modern-era ppv!

6 Money In The Bank 2011

This is already in the list...

Punk vs. Cena, greatest match of all time. quote me on it.

7 Backlash 2000

Best PPV of the year 2000 - htoutlaws2012

Best main event in and storytelling in wwe history

Best main event ever

Double rockbottom through the announce table

8 WWE Wrestlemania 24

WWE Title: WWE Champ Orton vs: Cena vs: HHH. WWE WORLD TITLE: World Champ Edge vs:'Taker. Big Show vs: Undefeated Boxer Floyd "Money" Mayweather. -

This was by far the best WrestleMania in history and I don't think it will ever be beat and all matches at the event were fantastic

Best wrestlemania ever

Good PPV. - htoutlaws2012

9 WWE Wrestlemania 25

It was the biggest WM ever it had the greatest match at Wrestlemania history Undertaker vs HBK and the world title match: Edge vs John Cena vs the Big show and WWE title match: H vs Randy Orton and Jeff's last and best match at Wrestlemania and the best MITB ladder match ever with CM Punk the winner

Undertaker VS Shawn Michaels stole the whole show

Best wrestlemania and it had the greatest match at wrestlemania in history of course it's the phenom The Undertaker vs heart break kid hbk Shawn Michele's

Taker vs. Shawn - The best match ever

10 ECW One Night Stand (2005)

Not #1 hmm - LeonShin

The Contenders

11 WWE Wrestlemania 28

This was a good PPV not gonna lie, but there weren’t that many great matches. Punk vs Jericho for the WWE Championship, Triple H vs Undertaker in Hell in a Cell with Michaels as special guest referee and Cena vs The Rock - awssteelers

The best PPV ever and the best WrestleMania ever.

Best ppv I've seen makes me feel buzzing

Best Wrestlemania in history

12 Wrestlemania XVII (17)

It's already at number one idiots

13 WWE Royal Rumble 2009

The 2009 Royal Rumble... The best WWE PPV of all time.

One of the best RR ever. - htoutlaws2012

14 King of the Ring 1998

Had the most hardcore WWE match of all time with Undertaker vs Mankind in Hell in a Cell.

Best and most memorable hell in a cell match ever mankind vs taker with the famous fall stole the show

Kane vs Austin was great, the born of the first blood stipulation plus with Kane threatening to set himself on fire if he lost he was bound to win...

And the undercard was very underrated especially the king of the ring tournament

Good KOTR PPV - htoutlaws2012

15 No Mercy 2001
16 WWE Wrestlemania XXX

This is the greatest wrestlemania of all time because the undefeated streak of the dead man "The Undertaker" was conquered by brock lesnar at wrestlemania 30.

This was the best ppv of all time.

This is the BEST ppv ever no doubt about it.

This is one of the greatest WrestleMania's of all time. I really enjoyed all the matches.

17 Wrestlemania III

Savage vs Steamboat, Hogan vs Andre enough said two big time classics. - htoutlaws2012

I’m going to be the first to say this, this PPV sucked. Only one great match, Steamboat vs Savage for the IC title. Hogan vs Andre was memorable, but that doesn’t mean it was a great match cause it wasn’t. Plus, it wasn’t even good. - awssteelers

18 WWE Hell in Cell 2009

3hrs of hell. 3 Hell in a Cell matches. Steel hitting flesh. tearing flesh. drawing & creating blood. -

19 WWE: Wrestlemania XX

One of the best Wrestlemanias ever! Two great under card matches Christian vs Chris Jericho and Evolution vs The Rock and Sock Connection. Brock Lesnar and Goldbergs last match in the WWE ended with Stone Cold drinking beer and Stunnering everyone. Eddie vs Kurt and Undertaker vs Kane were two good match-ups. One of the best triple threat matches ever between Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. The ending was so emotional between two best friends that worked very hard to get to the top

All of them except for the most infamous bad match in history Lesnar vs Goldberg. - htoutlaws2012

Wrestlemania 20 was a lot better than Wrestlemania 28 and 30 - yet they are ranked higher?

I don't get how this is 16... Deserves to be in the top 10 probably 7

20 WWE Summerslam 2012

It's ok but very forgettable show - htoutlaws2012

I choose this one because of the main event.

21 No Way Out 2009

It's very good PPV

22 Royal Rumble 2000

1) Royal Rumble 2000
2) Wrestlemania 2000
3) Wrestlemania 17
4) Summerslam 2000
5) Backlash 2000
6) Backlash 1999
7) Royal Rumble 2001
8) Wrestlemania 15
9) Armageddon 2000
10) Judgement Day 2000

It's True, It's True

Wrestlemania 2000 was terrible. Too many tag matches and Fatal 4 ways. - RobertWisdom

Literally a pretty good PPV that Kai En Tail made the rumble so entertaining as they get eliminated about 3 times lol. - htoutlaws2012

Either this or wrestlemania 2000 are my favourites.

23 WWE Cyber Sunday 2007

WWE Title: "Viper" WWE Champ Randy Orton vs: HBK. Fans decide the night's PPV matches. -

24 Summerslam 2009
25 Royal Rumble 2002

It was great to see Mr. Perfect back after many years. Triple H coming back after quad surgery. One of my favorite Rumbles along with '92.

26 In Your House: Canadian Stampede

Not many matches, but all top notch.

27 Wrestlemania 31

Great matches: the ladder match, orton vs rollins, hhh vs sting and roman vs lesnar(feat. Seth Rollins)

28 WWE Wrestlemania XIX

Far underrated, seriously 24th?

29 Wrestlemania 14

The Beginning of the Austin era. - htoutlaws2012

30 WWE Backlash 2009

History was made first ever! 6 man tag match for WWE Title. Legacy vs:HHH, Shane O'MAC, Batista. Legacy wins Orton is WWE Champion. if HHH's team wins HHH stays WWE Champ. also Jericho vs: Rivky Steamboat. World Title Cena vs: Edge. -

Probably the last great Backlash PPV with some good quality matches and a cool song to top it all off. - htoutlaws2012

31 WrestleMania 33

Roman reigns vs undertaker

32 Payback
33 WWE Backlash 2007

features the Greatest Match in WWE History Last Man Standing for the World Heavyweight Championaship 'Taker vs: Batista the match was awesome! watch it & you'll see why its the Greatest in WWE History! -

This and 2009 backlash were pretty underrated. - htoutlaws2012

34 WWE Royal Rumble 2004

Benoit winning the rumble and the brutal last man standing match between michaels and hhh were good

The only memorable thing that happened was Benoit winning the rumble. I don't remember anything else so not if I'd say it was that good. - htoutlaws2012

35 WWE Royal Rumble 2013

It was ok should of been Ryback's time after this he was no longer relevant. - htoutlaws2012

It was a great Royal Rumble.

36 Royal Rumble
37 WWE Summerslam 2009

SummerSLam is always the best in 2006 and 2007 chavo
and rey fighted twice in a row and in 2007 Triple H
returned and on 2006 was Hulk Hugans Last match in the

WWE Title: WWE Champ "Viper Randy Orton vs: John Cena. -

Hulk Hogan is hero of last match. He carry on TNA

38 WWE: WrestleMania 27

I have to agree with everything you just said. Best WrestleMania EVERY!

Very disappointing PPV! - htoutlaws2012

This is probably my favortite wrestlemanias. The match between edge and del rio was pretty good and the cody rhodes vs rey mysterio match was actually pretty good. The 8 man tag team match was ok and the CM Punk vs randy orton was incredible. The opening segment with the rock was energetic and electrifying. The backstage segment with the rock, eve, mae young, and stone cold steve austin was funny and awesome. The match with jerry lawler and Michael cole wasn't great but wasn' awful. The Undertaker and triple h was unbelievable. The emotion and action was incredible. The main event between John Cena and the miz I would rate 7.4/10. It was pretty good and would never think it would end like that. The night would end with the rock posing to the fans. One of the best wrestlemanias ever. I definitely getting it on DVD

39 Fully Loaded 2000

Severely underrated PPV! besides backlash & the Royal Rumble I thought the 3rd best show of that year was this PPV. - htoutlaws2012

40 ECW One Night Stand 2006

The first Night stand is better but this one wasn't that bad either. - htoutlaws2012

Hostile crowd to John Cena

41 Extreme Rules 2014

This is definitely the best WWE PPV of all time.

Best PPV of 2014 to me. - htoutlaws2012

42 Vengeance 2001

The night Jericho became the first undisputed champion. - htoutlaws2012

The PPV that decided the first undisputed champion who ended up being Y2J! - htoutlaws2012


"Viper" Randy Orton vs: Kofi Kingston WWE Title: WWE Champ John Cena vs: Shemaus -

you don't know why is hell in a cell in number 1 there was no blood tlc was better

44 WrestleMania
45 Summerslam
46 Survivor Series 2016

All were great except for the last match(Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar).My favourite was the men's traditional match(though Cesaro made the tag team traditional match interesting when he performed the 619).

47 No Way Out 2001
48 Royal Rumble 2001

Most memorable for Kane's performance in the Rumble with 11 eliminations. - htoutlaws2012

49 WWE: TLC: Tables Ladders & Chairs 2011
50 WrestleMania 22

A Wrestlemania where everyone gave 100% in there matches. And featured some of the most well played out Storied matches.

Solid show not one of my favorites - htoutlaws2012

It's the best wrestlemania ever

Greatest wrestlemania ever

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