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21 Stone Cold vs Vince McMahon
22 Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit
23 Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart
24 Undertaker vs Edge V 1 Comment
25 Batista vs Undertaker

The best rival but only in 24 are you kidding

Must be in top ten rivalries list

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26 John Cena vs The Rock

I think wrestlemania 28 is greater than wrestlemania 29 because wm 28 is one year hard working the most epic match I ever seen rock is most greatest than john cena ever I love rock more than cena iam the rock biggest fan of all time

Great feud with their raps and they put on two great matches.

Wrestlemania 28 great match
Wrestlemania 29 absolute travesty and the crowd was dead once cena won - htoutlaws2012

Way better than Stone Cold

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27 Matt Hardy vs Edge

This was easily the most interesting rivalry of 2005 due to the worked-shoot style of the whole thing. This not only brought in wide spread media attention, but also catapulted the career of edge by making him the most dispicable heel of his era.

28 D-Generation X vs The McMahons

This rivalry was the best ever! So many epic moments and hilariousness :D SO ENTERTAINING AND FUNNY

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29 Undertaker vs Kane

How the hell are The Legendary Brothers Of Destruction on no.29 what happens if they brothers their rivalry is one of the best they will fight each other but if you mess with with one you have to mess with both one raised from the darkness of grave and the other raised from fiery depths of hell the big red machine and the demon of death valley they are the legendary the on and only THE BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION!

I know they are brothers. But that is what makes them amazing rivals. Both are tall, have long hair, scary faces and very powerful. Epic!

What on blue earth is dis...this should at least be in top 10...two legends of d game and their rivalry in no.31...what a shame...

Are you kiding me this rivalry on 30
This rivalry want on top10

30 Randy Orton vs Undertaker

All of the build up and reputations feuded what would be the best rivalry of all time, the constant mind games just made it better and whenever I hear orton or undertaker, thisnis what I think about

Legend killer vs legend this feud lasted for 9 month. Randy orton introducing him self to the deadman by giving him an Rko. Undertaker knew what was coming. So on they feud at wm21 orton fail to end the streak. Orton then attacking undertaker on smackdown with a surprise rko on taker

31 HHH vs Austin

Rattlesnake, hit by a car, forklifted the car, pulled the ref out of his title match, screwed eachother out of the title, signed the contract to not atack eachother so stone cold stunnered stephanie and HHH pedigreed JR! The most intense ersonal fued in WWE history!

32 Cena vs HHH
33 Cena vs Edge
34 CM Punk vs WWE
35 HHH vs Batista
36 Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant
37 John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio
38 Triple H vs Brock Lesnar

This one was absolutely intense! Come on Lesnar broke his arm twice for pete's sake. Such a fearsome rivalry!

39 John Cena vs Masked Kane

Masked kane returned at Slamy Awards 2011 from Mark Henry's injury when Mark Henry vs John Cena was happening
They are going to fight at Elimination Chamber 2012 in an ambulance match cena will get ready for Rock vs Cena Part I.

Good but cena vs razor ramon is better better yet a hell in the cell

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40 Randy Orton vs. Christian

Christian's best ever fued...
He'll definitely remembered for this one...

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