Best WWE/WWF Wrestlemanias

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1 Wrestlemania 17

Greatest wwe ppv of all time with wrestlemania 19 a very close second.

TLC 2 or the rock vs stone cold

Wrestlemania 25 really, this should be #1

2 Wrestlemania 19

The best Wrestlemania of all time. Lesnar vs Angle for the WWE Championship was amazing. Michaels vs Jericho was amazing. Hogan vs McMahon was pretty good, always fun to see someone like Hogan, Shane and Michaels to kick Vince’s ass at Wrestlemania. Booker T vs Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship was really good. If Booker T leg didn’t hurt throughout the match, he would be the World Heavyweight Championship. Austin vs The Rock 3 was really good as well. In my opinion, this Wrestlemania was the best and my 3rd favorite PPV of all time, behind Summerslam 2002 and Vengeance 2005.

Best match was kurt angle vs brock lesnar

It had 5 main event matches! 5!
Leznar v Angle
Austin V. Rock
Hogan V. McMahon
HHH V. Booker T

3 Wrestlemania 20

Best match was chris benoit vs triple h vs Shawn Michaels

4 Wrestlemania 21

This Wrestlemania in my opinion is one of the better Wrestlemanias and one of the better PPV’s of all time. Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio was really good, the first ever Money in the Bank ladder match was really good as well. Undertaker vs Randy Orton was really good. Michaels vs Angle for the first time ever was awesome. One of the best Wrestlemania matches of all time, also one of the best WWE matches of all time as well. Batista vs Triple H was good. Having Michaels vs Angle, the best match of the night easily go before Big Show vs Akebono in a sumo match and John Cena vs JBL for the WWE Championship is plain retarded cause both matches obviously sucked and probably why this Wrestlemania is ranked so low for where it should be. Overall, great Wrestlemania!

john cena vs JBL or batista vs HHH or Hbk vs kurt angle

5 Wrestlemania 22

Should defiantly be in the top 10

Triple H vs John Cena
Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton vs Kurt Angle
Shawn Michaels vs Vince McMhaon
Undertaker vs Mark Henry Casket Match
Edge vs Mick Foley Hardcore Match
Trish vs Mickey James

6 Wrestlemania 28

Best match was end of an era

Triple H vs. Undertaker
Special Referee: Shawn Michaels

7 Wrestlemania 24


8 Wrestlemania 30

What WM

9 Wrestlemania 3

Steamboat vs Savage was the only good match. Every other one was really bad.

hulk hogan vs andre the giant

10 Wrestlemania 10

Beest match was Shawn Michaels vs razor ramon

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11 WrestleMania 31

Seth Rollins cash in baby!

12 Wrestlemania 18

This should be higher. Undertaker vs Flair was really good. Triple H vs Jericho for the WWE Undisputed Championship was good. And The Rock vs Hogan Icon vs Icon was amazing. This should be top 10.

Underrated WrestleMania. It was a lot better than people think.

13 Wrestlemania 14

This should be lower. Austin vs Michaels for the WWF Championship was the only good match.

14 Wrestlemania 23

HBK vs john cena or money in the bank ladder match

15 Wrestlemania 25

It cause of HBK vs Taker that it's number 5, isn't it? God it's just one match. The others were good, but not great.

16 Wrestlemania 1

This should be lower

Started a legacy

17 Wrestlemania 26

This was another Wrestlemania that had literally only one great match, that was Michaels vs Undertaker 2 Streak vs Career match. Cena vs Batista was good, not great. Every other match bored me.

Match of the night : undertaker vs shawn Michaels 2

18 Wrestlemania 27

Only good match was Triple H vs Undertaker. Orton vs Punk was good, but these 2 matches were the only good ones.

This one kinda sucked

19 Wrestlemania 12
20 Wrestlemania 33
21 Wrestlemania 16

Hardcore Battle royal, Triangle ladder & best of all... the main event (Rock vs HHH vs Mick Foley vs Big Show with a McMahon in every corner! )


One of the worst

22 Wrestlemania 29

To be honest, this Wrestlemanis wasn’t really that bad. It’s not great but good. Punk vs Undertaker was amazing. Triple H vs Lesnar was good and Cena vs The Rock 2 wasn’t too bad.

23 Wrestlemania 32

Why? WHY? This wrestlemania is worse then WM 25 WM 11 WM 9 and WM X-8
Yeah worst WM I've ever seen and I've seen a lot
*cough cough* roman wins tittle and main events WM 2 years in a row

24 Wrestlemania 7
25 Wrestlemania 13
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