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1 Fatin Shidqia Lubis

Fatin nice, cute, talented, faithful, you can do it girl!

Young talent, simple, unique caracter vocals, easy listening, fenomenal. From zero to hero... Fatin Foyah

Fatin yang terbaik, amin ya allah

Her voice is very addictive. Me and many people addicted by her.

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2 Mikha Angelo

HE got the SKILL, He has a very good taste of Music, He has a BIG Dream, HE inspired many young people also the old people like me :) Indonesia Music for Better #MIKHAmusikMENANG

Mikha itu sangat menginspirasi.. He is multi talented, He is smart, He is sweet, He is Amazing, He is my idol.. Keep support and loving Mikha Angelo :))

He's young, He's good looking, he's talented in music because he could play many musical instruments, he is simple, he has a mission which is very cool for teens Indonesia in terms of musicianship:-) -m-

He's a good singer from Indonesia. Have many fan in the world. From Malaysia until Korea. And he's so handsome and cute. We Love Mikha!

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3 Shena Malsiana

The voice is so good and unique in singing a jazz song! And have a talent to sing a song out of her genre (jazz)..

Absolutely Shena Malsiana. She's one of a kind.

Suara jazz nya kereen.. I love you ka shena

4 Nu Dimension

They have a same thing with oneD I think. So, I hope someday they will go international like oneD. Keep the spirit up! X

You are my inspiration. Please go internatinal like one direction. You are still numero uno

5 Novita Dewi

Great singer

I was very impressed with her.. First I thought she was just a singer who has a remarkable voice, but it turns out she's also a humble and not arrogant.. Thank you for being an inspiration to many people

Novita dewi is a singer which the best from all singer in indonesia,
Be always the number one in my hearth and indonesia, :)
Love you forever

Novita dewi is the best!

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6 Agus Hafiluddin

His sound is dangerous said ahmad dhani

7 Isa Raja

Isa raja itu the best of rock pokoknya the best lah

8 Dicky Adam

Lana Del Rey Indonesian version!

9 Alex Rudiart

Good luck alex, you're more better than the others, just keep calm and get the better ways in this country..

10 Gede Bagus

The Contenders

11 Ilusia Girls
12 Wahyu Galaxy
13 Dalagita
14 Awan
15 Yohanna
16 Yohanna Febianti
17 AKU
18 Rossa Anggun Bebi
19 Nurjanah
20 Yahya Putra
21 Joshua Haiko
22 Mochamad Ridwansyah
23 Emak Errot
24 Emak Ijah
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1. Mikha Angelo
2. Nu Dimension
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1. Fatin Shidqia Lubis
2. Novita Dewi
3. Nu Dimension
1. Fatin Shidqia Lubis
2. Mikha Angelo
3. Shena Malsiana

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