Mikha Angelo


He's a good singer from Indonesia. Have many fan in the world. From Malaysia until Korea. And he's so handsome and cute. We Love Mikha!

He is very inspirational singer for me. He can play a lot of instrument. And I like a boy who can sing and play an instrument. Especially, piano. :) always support him.

He is way really talented! And at his young age, he really is a good music thinker! He doesn't only sing the songs, yet he CREATES it! Indonesia must be really proud to have him in their music industry!

Mikha angelo? That young talented boy, who has the unique voice, good looking, he inspires me a lot! Oh please, Indonesia's music industry needs him!

He is cool and handsome. He is smart, nice and also friendly. But the most important thing is he so talented. He can praise Jesus with his talents.
Mikha Angelo is the best vocalist of The Overtunes ever! He can inspired everyone specially teenager. He made me believe even I'm still young, I can catch my dream, I can make my dream come true. So, I don't have any reason to hate me. I'll keep support and loving him. :) God bless

He got a lot of talent from God and he can do it well, He inspired many teenagers to catch their dream with their own way, and He also had great perform I think he has 1 package tobe a success entertainer

Fantastic..15yo boy who can inspiring and influence many people by his music and song...

He is one of all my inspirate. I think I'm not the only one. Because he is young, multi talented, multi instrumental and he can skip his SHS. How smart he is!

Candidate A Big Star at the music world, Handsome, Can Play Many Instruments And he will be a star already looked

I'm 30 yo and love his music, his personality and the passion he puts on his future. For 15 yo boy, he goes beyond the other teenagers. Very strong character. Inspiring young! Proud of Mikha Angelo Brahmantyo!

Mikha angelo is a young boy with a lot of talented who Indonesia ever had!

Mikha is the future of Indonesian music if Indonesia music go out of our country. Like mikha's opinion about music.

Besides good looks, he is also very talented. So also with his band, you have to suport them! And you will feel how happy they become fans, you will have a new family feel happy with them. AA!

He is my BIG everything! Hope he will be an International singer. Mikha Angelo Brahmantyo you are amazing :))

I'm cryin like a baby. Listening to him. What a little star he is. Back off to anggun cakking him a new idol. He is a star; a shining star. Stay true little guy and I hope your parents are cool too. We, if we are very lucky we will get to hear you sing for a long long time Mikha Angelo.

He is born with talent and charming boy

Mikha has a big talents, he doesn't only can singing but he can arrange and of course he can make a song! His own song

Mikha is Musical, Interesting, Kind, Handsome, and Amazing

He is the xfactor that make me sleep late in everynite because I couldn't stop imagine everything bout him... *laugh out loud

How can I tell about mikha? Mikha has multi talent, he always sing what his down hearts,

He's a vocalist of the overtunes, the new acoustic band from indonesia, and maybe their music can change indonesian music industry actualy

He's dream is change the world with music..

Mikha is young and multitalented!

The Most MultiTalented Singer-SongWriter! Mikha Angelo!

I like Mika, and I don't have the reason why I like him.