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21 Sam Bailey Sam Bailey Samantha Florence "Sam" Bailey is an English singer, known for winning the tenth series of The X Factor in 2013. Following her win, her debut single, a cover of Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper", was released on 15 December 2013, achieving the Christmas number one on 22 December 2013. She was the first X Factor more.
22 LeRoy Bell

Paula Abdul said "Who said that 59 year old can't fulfill their dreams? " LeRoy's now making his dream come true=)

23 Josh Levi

Absolutely no reason he should be included on this list. Wouldn't make my top 50. Nothing special, never had a breakout performance and didn't make it far in the competition

24 Lakoda Rayne

Sometimes their preformance doesn't really nail it but their singing voices are so beautiful

25 InTENsity

Just like Simon said, they're like the junior Glee. It's so nice to see such a big group do the same dance movements and sing in together..

26 Astro V 1 Comment
27 Lillie McCloud

She moved me. Deserved much more respect

28 Tate Stevens
29 Paige Thomas
30 Vino Alan
31 Chris Rene
32 Jordyn Foley
33 Restless Road
34 Jeff Gutt

I can't understand why Jeff is only number 17 on this list!? He is definitely the best! No other has such an incredible voice than Jeff. He made each song his own and he should've won the whole show! I liked Alex&Sierra as well, and I think they did deserve to be in top two, but I love Jeff Gutt and he should've won. He's the best rock singer there is today!

He is in a different league about all the rest. He is simply amazing.

The Best Ever.. Alex & Sierra Sucks

He just got hired as the frontman of Stone Temple Pilots who are one of the most popular grunge bands ever. Top 5. - mhroblak

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35 Tim Ostland
36 Primrose Martin
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