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21 Orgasm
22 Xclamation
23 Weekend

It's the ultimate energy song feel-wise. It's in your face, balls to the walls riffs, fierce bass playing, and perhaps the greatest harmony in a rock song (not power/symphonic metal) with many instruments with lyrics you never though were about suicide/death on weekend

I think, Weekend is the best song for me cause this song is the best guitar solo than any other of X Japan songs which have guitar solo in that song. I wonder why this song is on top 30. This song could be on top 10 at least.

This song is really good. I wonder how this is not the top 4 or 6. If you listen to the last live version, you'll know how sweet the guitar solos and drums beats are. This song reminds me of my HIGH SCHOOL life..

24 Joker
25 Standing Sex
26 I'll Kill You

Underrated.. I dunno why, this song complements a Dystopia backdrop.

27 Voiceless Screaming

Hey this song is amazing! How could this can be on 26th?

Should be top 5

I think this song is Amazing! I love it!
I was surprised because rank is 27!

28 Alive

Just heard this song for the first time and WOW... Damn this is good!

Almost a precursor to Art of Life, this song is a rollercoaster of emotions to listen to. Yoshikis piano perfectly complements the guitars in this power ballad for the ages. While the recording may not be up to par with the quality of their other releases, this song is still a triumph in the heavy metal genre, and in music in genrral. Deserves a listen to if you haven't already.

29 Celebration
30 Vanishing Love
31 Drain

One of hide's great masterpiece or should I say, a song that delivers the most goosebumps ever. the MV is so unsettling but I can't help from admiring how powerful this song is. shame this one is so underrated. you guys should listen to this for an instant ecstasy

32 Stab Me In the Back
33 Unfinished
34 Amethyst

Saw it on The Last Live concert via YouTube. Reminds me of hide's smile during the entrance of all 5 X's to the stage. Yoshiki is a pure musician. Man, this song is so epic.

Yoshiki puts his best to create a wonderful piano solo here. Should be in the top ten.

Representative orchestral of Elegant Rock

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35 Born to Be Free

Toshi said in his book how he liked the idea of this song and how it became the turning point of his life, escaping the 12 years of hell. I'm so happy you're back Toshi. Love you my melody

This marks the moment when ToshI came back for good. back with the same melodic and hypnotic voice he used to had. love ToshI, forever X

36 Give Me the Pleasure

This song kicks ass I love the slap bass!

37 Phamtom of Guilt
38 Scarlet Love Song

A very amazing song that is one of the most under-rated among x-Japan's songs. A must hear for all fans of the classic x-Japan play list.

39 Es dur no piano sen
40 Desperate Angel
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