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41 Sonic Heroes
42 Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter
43 Spider-Man 2

At the Time this was awesome Free Roam! - Curti2594

44 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent
45 Blinx The Time Sweeper

Why is this game so underrated? I think it deserves another sequel on the Xbox 360. If it uses the regular controller or Kinect, I would still get Blinx 3 regardless!

Miss this game, the harder tier monsters that would only change color as they got more difficult was always intriguing to me

A tough game with great creativity that makes you itch to beat it

46 Tony Hawk's Underground V 2 Comments
47 NCAA Football 2005
48 Rent A Hero No. 1
49 Max Payne

Just plain beast best game of the decade especially liked the part when you get to use all those 3d features of more realistic

50 Batman Begins
51 Star Wars Battlefront

This was my first fps game, and it was worth every penny. Amazing for the time period

52 Thrillville
53 Soul Calibur 2
54 Outrun 2
55 FlatOut

The cars can be flaoty, the physics unforgiving, the competition brutal and the tracks rediculous... But I can't seem to set it down. As mad as it makes me when I get pitted into a tree, building, fence, lake, etc., it is all worth it when I cross the finish line first.

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56 Phantom Crash
57 NBA Street Vol. 2 V 1 Comment
58 Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
59 Psychonauts

Tim Schafer's best game, very overlooked. More people need to buy it.

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60 Crimson Sea
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