Best Xbox Games

The very best games available for the original Xbox gaming console.

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41 Tony Hawk's Underground

I used to have this

I have this game for my PS2. - playstationfan66

42 NCAA Football 2005
43 Rent A Hero No. 1
44 Thrillville
45 Soul Calibur 2
46 Outrun 2
47 The Simpsons: Hit and Run

This game should be number 1 is so much fun

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48 Flat Out

Entertaining and lots of destruction

The cars can be flaoty, the physics unforgiving, the competition brutal and the tracks rediculous... But I can't seem to set it down. As mad as it makes me when I get pitted into a tree, building, fence, lake, etc., it is all worth it when I cross the finish line first.

49 Phantom Crash
50 NBA Street Vol. 2

I had it for the gamecube

51 The Warriors

One of my favourite games of all time 👍

52 Sonic Heroes

This game is very awesome and I love their tricks and graphics and also my favorite game of sonic is sonic unleashed because I love to be a werehog

53 Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
54 Psychonauts

Tim Schafer's best game, very overlooked. More people need to buy it.

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55 Crimson Sea
56 Project Gotham Racing 2
57 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Already watched the Disney film of the same name way too many times while on DVD. I'm getting the Blu-ray release tomorrow. - playstationfan66


58 The Sims

I can't stand this game. Deserves to be banned. Good thing that the Xbox had parental controls to block out its contents unsuitable for young children. - playstationfan66

This game sucks I hate this game because it have sex in it! The graphics are terrible in this game! Melee have way better graphics than BMX XXX!

60 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

I have this game

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