Hidden Gems #34 Monday Night Combat

htoutlaws2012 Hello again everybody, were back with an Xbox arcade exclusive title called Monday Night Combat, and what was it Exactly? Well it was a 3rd person shooter developed by yes Uber Entertainment wait... Uber like a driver I pay to get a ride? After a quick load screen to startup the game we get three options to go through. Local, and Xbox Live Blitz is basically co-op where you and friends must protect the money ball dead centered while a hoards of bots are coming to damage up your core ball. Its fun, but very repetitive. Crossfire is where I absolutely would give the recommendation to give this game a shot, Red Vs Blue whoever wins in the six stages picked wins. If your is either great or terrible well you know what to do, but than again there are ironically six different class setups that consist of your Assault, Tank, Assassin, Sniper, Gunner, and Support (medic). It does have that kinda Team Fortress type vibe, but not totally ripping it off its own graphics is pretty impressive.

Now let's get to the game itself, and test our limits from both modes once again. The controls are responsive, and while not incredibly quick against some classes be on guard especially when your either outnumbered or somebody sneaks up from behind you. There's a ton of strategy required to really master the technique this game brings to the casual gamer. For instance if you noticed in Blitz the bot take down the core right... well that's what you wanna do the same tactic without getting them to get destroyed in the process. Four player defending their turf, while 6 online gamers side on the decided side while the other same format equals up to 12 total. One last thing a I need to mention is that you can buy defensive turrets which help greatly in later rounds or against stronger teams swarming to march to victory which you must prevent them from achieving. You can also buy bots there somewhat pointless though if the player does shoot them down it meant nothing of only low cost unless using juice that is useful. You have three perks for each class where they give you advantages if used correctly. I say its definitely a check it out play it for a little bit, and after wards see how you like it BACON! 7/10

I'm gonna give you a bonus I never realized they actually did get a sequel game being Super Monday Night Combat on Steam gee thanks Valve. Even better its free to download alright than now were talking. After loading into the game I noticed the layout is completely changed from the previous game. You have Play, Store, Community, Locker Room, and Options on the top bar. one big con of this is that one big flaw you have to use microtransaction in order to get quickly better at the game just using this method is not fun I rather play it from the beginning. It shouldn't be a big reason to turnoff a gamer unless that one is very sensitive to that flaw than there is issue upon personal view. I feel its the most ridiculous way to hate a game. Sure it sucks, but i'm not buying from extra profit I want experience festivity action. You have way more maps, and classes from before which is an improvement, but not when you need to buy holiday skins. One thing I forgot to mention about the first game that is a hidden gem of its own is the wacky commentary it had while this one was more alright where it was just there, but not quite saying things in the process of the battle which is good. 10 totally new classes and maps being excessively bigger make the game a little bit more unique, but its focus is more less multiplayer than of any Co-op team which isn't found anywhere. One big weapon that does help in this game is the Annihilator which was also in the first game that clears out entire wave of bots potentially really messing up your operation on the defense scheme. Its a lot like Dota 2 meets League of Legends not gameplay wise, but more less how you setup for each game more less, but not as memorable. One new thing they added is bots when their black will attack you if your caught off guard on upper platforms. This game has no limit its an endless war back and forth until somebody blinks, and makes the wrong move. You can level putting up a good effort of course you gotta have PC skills bro. I say another game give it a shot if you like or not is again preference how you like on something different that isn't a keyboard and mouse. 6/10

That is all for now until the next time let's keep gaming onwards the path to E3 perhaps.