Dead Rising 3


Dead Rising 3 was an amazing game - even though it falls a little short compared to the enjoyment while playing Dead Rising 2. But the fact that the open-world experience is amazing, makes this one of the best Xbox One games, definitely deserves to be higher on the list. (8/21/14)

Vastly improved graphics from previous installments. New storage locker system makes finding weapons less of a hassle. The access to vehicles (added vehicle combos) makes game progression much less about just walking.

Dead rising3 I really awesome game I just don't understand why its only for Xbox one because some people can't afford a Xbox one Microsoft please make it for the 360.

Dead Rising 3 gives you an entire world to play in, where you can pick up and use anything, much more than Call of Duty or Battlefield can ever offer.

Great story line and great game overall. don't think it deserves number one but it without a doubt is better then wack Call of Duty Ghosts.

This game is so much better than the rest, having played this Xbox One only title, it kept me entertained for hours, and still does.

Dead rising it not what I tooth, when I saw the cover it look fool but when I played it, it was awesome

My number 1 most greatest zombie game this game is so good it beats most of the Call of Duty games.

I became a zombie literally it is really fun mate so cool best I will rate this game a five

I love this game because you can just run over zombies with a motorcycle

Awesome game simply awesome good game play good graphics it's awesome

I think Minecraft is better but I like the graphics in this one

I love this game, it's really funny. I love the lego head

This game takes a dump on all the games on this list

This game is the best game I have ever played.

And my question is: "Why isn't this number one? "

One of the "BEST" zombie games for Xbox one

Best game across all next gen consoles!

It's so cool how you have voice control

Better than Call of Duty's Zombie mode. - Emmer3000

Its like the walking dead but better

Well worth it's asking price
Absolutely fantastic better than battlefield because you can play online without crashing the game!

Deadrising3 is a really good game It also has really good story lines and all psychopath bosses epic!

Definitely one of the greatest games ever. I thought Dead Rising 2 was good, but this wow'd be so quick, from the introduction - danielwotsits

Dead Rising 3 is the best game ever! Includes, horror, adventure and kinkiness ;P I love it.