I have to admit I bought the Xbox because I wanted to play Titanfall. I bought it, played it and was completely disappointed after 1 or 2 hours. I had to rely on the only other game I had for the console, FIFA 14. I had never been interested in football or any other sport for that matter, but this game is genius. It has made me 100% more interested in soccer and I can't stop playing it every free moment I have. I'm also really excited for the upcoming world cup because of this game.

Whoever likes it is awesome this is really fun playing football on the sofa all the time I might even go play it now on my I pad

If you don't vote for FIFA games, and you like football, then you are mad. laugh out loud.

Best game ever man I love this game on my I pad a swell as the Xbox one but still best game ever five stars!

Feels way better than FIFA 13. However, prepare to meet some AIDS. Like, major AIDS.

Ultimate team, great graphics, Great game play and feels so realistic.

Better than all of its other versions but could get better though

I have not ever played this game but if the real thing is amazing imagine how this will be?

It is my best friend I love FIFA I sometimes go doggy style on it

When playing this game it made me fall in love with football!

The only bad thing about this game that it has bad servers.

Been playing these games since FIFA 2004 and I've gotta say that although the gameplay get's better every year, the soundtracks have got worse and this is really disappointing. FIFA 2004 is still my favourite playing as LIVERPOOL! YNWA

Because it keeps you quit and it is awesome I LOVE IT

Is the most amazing soccer that I have ever played

Awesome Game and amazing soundtracks are back! - phantomtheimmortal

This is probably the best game for Xbox one - sammillionaire

Nice game but free kicks are hard to score

This a very nice game very very very nice!

FIFA is the best game in the world

Why in the world FIFA isn't first - eureka007

FIFA has a good online gameplay

Your right it's a brilliant game.

I play FIFA every day and it is the best game ever

I think this is the best game Xbox one - sammillionaire

FIFA is great especially on Xbox One. - CrazyTop10