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101 Phantom Dust

Too amazing for words! A shame that it wasn't very well know back in the Original Xbox days, but when the Reboot releases for the Xbox One, it's going to be so popular! The redesign was unexpected but hopefully the gameplay didn't change from the original.

Can't wait until this gets released! It truly is a shame that most didn't get to experience this on the original Xbox. Phantom Dust is truly an amazing series and I'm glad that I get a chance to play my game again!

102 FIFA 16
103 WWE 2K17
104 NHL 18

Fantastic game. poke checking is a little annoying thougnh. 8/10

105 Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Best game ever is so cool don't stop playing this game to cool man

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106 NBA Live 14
107 Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
108 WWE 2K15

In the poster of the game there will be John Cena

I am number 1 fan of WWE in the world

Best game with so cool graphics.

Finally, Wrestling for next gen

109 Crackdown
110 Terraria

I really enjoy this game on Xbox one. Its just harder than mobile cause I played mobile a lot

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111 Airmech Arena
112 NBA 2K16
113 NBA Live 16
114 Just Dance 2015
115 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
116 NHL 17
117 Madden NFL 17
118 Ghostbusters (2016) V 1 Comment
119 NBA 2K17
120 Dishonored 2
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