Best Xena: Warrior Princess Episodes

Best episodes of the series Xena: Warrior Princess.
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1 The Haunting of Amphipolis

MEPHISTOPHELES, a furious demon, an enemy of Xena.

2 Heart of Darkness
3 Who's Gurkhan?

XENA: Warrior princess, was ugly left behind.

4 When in Rome

CRASSUS, the enemy of Xena. He can fight well, but easily captured, fighting with his hands. Also referred to as spartacus.

It shows the intellect and the frivolity of Xena and ispecially (GABRIELLE).

5 A Friend in Need Part II

The Japanese dangerous demon YODOSHI.

6 A Fistful of Dinars

Mysterious THERSITES is a powerful friend of Xena.

7 The Ides of March

The Ides of March, in this episode discover do Julius Caesar, big dictator and opponent Xena. Caesar no have big power, he is intellect dictator with biggist deadly army. Callisto come back of angel power to country and duo Xena and Callisto his ravenge to Julius Caesar act, and Callisto his angel power injure to interest Xena and stand situation. The powerful angel woman Callisto, killing to dictator Julius Caesar and he is be to death.

8 When Fates Collide

The Goddess name (ALTI) appears and is the case Xena, Gabrielle and Julius Caesar.

9 Return of Callisto

Danger woman Callisto is comeback for cell and Xena have last danger opponent. The opponent have face woman, Callisto in black costum, weapon zord and danger style fight and alliance from many warriors.

Callisto comeback from cell, Callisto is great woman warrior in black costeem and do share to Xena and Gabrielle.

Episode: Return of Callisto is in 2 season series Xena. This episode specificali to goddes power to Queen warrior name Callisto, werry great speed and intellect. Callisto is woman merder werry dangerouse in black costum and blond hair. Fight Xena vs. Callisto is werry action.

10 Prometheus

The mighty hero HERCULES.

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11 Motherhood

Opposite Xena, Eve (Livia), and Gabriel started many God, s in Olymp. Olymp blind of opposite excellent warrior stabilite Xena. Xena and friends and one, s olympian gods, who wins? Must started old gods, and help, s to Xena, his nother chance. Offer werry danger Pallas Athena.

In episode includes ATHENA, the goddess of wisdom and the victorious war.

12 Deliverer

At the start of the episode, the powerful goddess DISCORD appears.

This episode shows a dangerous DAHAK demon.

13 God Fearing Child

Attractive Zeus and I prefer goddess HERA.

Powerful goddess HERA.

14 Maternal Instincts

Who is reincarnation woman Callisto? People? God? Creature? Alliance Callisto and creature of Xena is no doing happy. Xena is warrior princess, and Callisto is half goddess. Episode Maternal Instinct bring duo power, s fight!

Xena: Warrior Princess is have child name Solan, this boy his be killed. Merder is alliance Callisto and Gabrielle and Dahak child. Xena speedly killed Callisto and waiting revenge the offer stupid inscinct Gabrielle. Xena his must revenge offer Gabrielle.

Devil,s daughter Gabrielle, named FAYLA. FAYLA in dangerous.

15 Looking Death in the Eye

The episode presents the power of the God of the Underworld of (HADES).

16 Punch Lines

It shows the magical power of the goddess of love called name (Aphrodite).

You learn so much about Xena s
Character and it is amazing ehat she did at the end with the dart

17 Lost Mariner

It shows the power of the sea god and the water element named POSEIDON. Xena and Gabrielle meet the crew of a ship facing the power of POSEIDON.

18 Seeds of Faith

Ares, God of the war, symbolyze one, s own big power. Ares in shadow costum killing one, werry imposant man, Gabriella his agitate. Gabrielle agitate not stand of Ares power. Ares winning to fight, and his child Ares and Xena started new power. Xena save Gabrielle of Ares. Ares is happy return to child.

19 The Titans

In the episode, there are 2 titans HYPERION ans CRIUS, as well as the titan woman THEA.

20 Destiny

It shows the militanci of miss name (M'LILI) the Xena was still young.

21 The Way

Demon with several hands, wery dangerous. INDRAJIT

22 Coming Home

In the work, the dangerous goddess, (3 FURIES) appears.

23 Fallen Angel

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL is in the episode.

24 Return of the Valkyrie

Dangerous Nordic God, named ODIN.

25 Gabrielle Hope

An episode demonstrates the power of the (3 DRYAD) forest.

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