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21 Sins of the Past

Sins of the Past is 1 episode, started serial Xena, symbolyze power one man, opponent offer Xena, his name is Draco. Man in blue costum, prepair hair and brown eyes. Draco is danger dictator, werry good speed and job to pole. Draco is rown power to Xena, and this episode Draco not ower.

22 Endgame

It shows the bravery of the amazon chief named EPHINY but she dies.

23 A Good Day

In This episode Caesar,s ally shows his power (POMPEY THE MAGNUS).

24 A Day in the Life

It was an original and so very funny episode! I enjoyed it very much indeed. I think it was very innovative for that time

25 Return of Callisto

Callisto comeback from cell, Callisto is great woman warrior in black costeem and do share to Xena and Gabrielle.

Danger woman Callisto is comeback for cell and Xena have last danger opponent. The opponent have face woman, Callisto in black costum, weapon zord and danger style fight and alliance from many warriors.

Episode: Return of Callisto is in 2 season series Xena. This episode specificali to goddes power to Queen warrior name Callisto, werry great speed and intellect. Callisto is woman merder werry dangerouse in black costum and blond hair. Fight Xena vs. Callisto is werry action.

26 Been There, Done That

Xena lives again and again the same day, until she finds the way to stop a carnage. It seems that Gabrielle leaves some strange love marks on Xena's neck. Episode based on film "Groundog Day" with Bill Murray. One of the most hilarious episodes.

27 Xena Scrolls
28 The God You Know
29 The Debt II
30 The Debt
31 The Bitter Suite
32 Back in the Bottle
33 To Helicon and Back
34 A Friend in Need Part I
35 Fallen Angel
36 Tsunami
37 The Execution
38 One Against an Army
39 Locked Up and Tied Down
40 Crusader

Xena and miss NAJARA are confronted, Xena underestimated it.

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