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1 Dancing Furry Panda

I can't seem to find it anywhere anymore :( I wish these were easier to find. bring it back please!

If anyone does know where the Panda has gone, it would be great to see it, and hear it, again. I guess we live in an age of disposable dancing furry pandas.

I love it but I can't find it anymore on mi list of messenger

they should really bring it back..

2 You suck more than I do

This is hands down the best yahoo audible, my friend and I say this to each other all of the time even when we're not on chat.

Hahahhahaa. Best. One. Ever. Hands. Down. Since we both got blocked from chat, we just tell each other when we see each other that we suck more than the other!

3 All the ladies in the house say...

Cuz like it's totally rad.

What else is this one saying? I can't understand it.

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4 Disco: Roar
5 (music) It's okay now, I'm here!
6 Arrr! Your booty shivers me timbers

Needs no introduction, nor any further explanation.

7 In Ordnung
8 So, do you like fat guys with no money?
9 That punch hurt. You mighte shook your head like it didnt hurt, but that hurt
10 You gotta keep *$#&* in there... punch!

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