Top 10 Best Years of the 2000s

I like to look at things nicely. Enjoy life and specially the years. Get happy by remembering some best years of the 2000s.

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1 2007

That's the year I was born

My favorite year of the 2000s and also my favorite year of all time. I have such a big box full of memories from 2007 that sometimes I wish to come back here! I remember the summer, the greatest summer I've experience (I'm born in 1999 by the way) and jeez! I had a better life when I was a kid, at least everyone respected each other back then! - CanadianGuy99

Wtf are you talking about? This year was amazing! Many updates in video games. A lot of cool music, and for me my parents got married... It was so much fun.

I was a 2 year old in 2007, but most of my favorite songs came out that year. - kawaiitohru

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2 2005

The music the movies at this time were awesome it was the peak of all humanity

We were a happy family

I was born then

I have a huge fondness for 2005. I started getting into music hard core, taping all kinds of music videos on T.V.. My 05-06 school year was the best, and I had a great group of friends. I loved the house that we lived in at the time, the backyard was the best, and I had my own room.

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3 2002

2002 is the best year ever gamecube vs Xbox vs ps2 war began from 2002-2007 WWE ruthless aggression era debuts good music then Lose Yourself by Eminem was released so is Headstrong by Trapt Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly Rowland Eminem show was released good album Best games in that year Grand Theft Auto Vice City Grand Theft Auto I Spiderman video game Sonic adventure 2 and Super Mario Sunshine plus I had the Nintendo Gamecube for the first time EVER! My 2nd game console that I've brought when I was 3 it broke now but ill never forget the day I first brought it! Best films Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets Spiderman Star wars attack of the clones MIB2 ice age Minority Report was all out and they were great films This year was the best year ever for me no one can beat that year in my book!

I was born in 2002. As I was only a small child that year, I don't know too much expect for stuff like top children shows, movies, books etc. - kaitlynrad11

Only because of eminem

I LOVED THIS YEAR! Sure, I wasn't born, but there are lots of good things about this year

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4 2000

2000 is # 1 Best Year of all time.
Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Capcom vs. SNK, Tatsunoko Fight, Paper Mario, Kirby 64, Power stone 2, sonic shuffle and Tech Romancer and Project Justice are an awesome Video games.

My Brother Got Super Smash bros for christmas that was an N64 Game

I Played Sin and Punishment for N64.

We played Dragonball Z Legends for the PlayStation the Greatest DBZ Game ever made.

Dragonball Z Anime and Japanese culture Dominated Television and Made Pop Culture in the 2000's

I graduated from High school.

Heathcliff and the catillac cats air on Toon disney U. K. In 2000.

That Year was Mind Blowing.

2000 is a Unique dazzling stunning most lovable popular year of all time and it's #1 of the 2000's and always #1. The year 2000 is forever the king of the modern and nostalgia and anime era.

y2k yay! I loved this year so much, so much to do. Music was good, tv was good, everything we have now is pretty bad. Idk why people rate 2001 bad, when it is probably the best year for music and tv, only 9/11 and celebrity deaths brought the year down, but come on guys, 2000-01 were amazing.

I agree!

Seems good!

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5 2004

4 Words:
Green Day's American Idiot

I er used Habbo it was cool then.
I remember in September 2004 Habbo US opening.

2004 is when all the good movies came. This year should be at number 1!
Shrek 2
Mean Girls
13 going 30
White Chicks
Spiderman 2
The girl next door
and other great movies

Should be at top 3 at least!

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6 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV

Pretty mediocre year, but it was not as bad as 2009, I was 8 years old in 2008.

My favorite year in the late 2000s, especially the later part of this year. My sister was born and I first really started getting into computers, at age 6. - VersaWizKid

I seriously can't believe 2008 was 10 years ago. - kawaiitohru

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7 2009

I was four in 2009, just before I started school (in January 2010). Everything was blissfully easy, and my biggest worry was if I would be allowed on the Wii. Had many friends that I would play with, all day, every day. Of course I was unaware of bad world events such as the economic crash, which I can understand makes it not so good for some people, but for me personally, 2009 was the best year of the 2000s.

Music was good

This year wasn't actually that bad it had great video games, movies, and music too.

This is where the King Returned and Died And were I met both Chris Jericho and John Cena in Winnipeg 2009 it was awesome - SmoothCriminal

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8 2006

I Was Born Late 2006. (December I Was Born In)

Amazing year, best by far.

I was born in early 2006

It is a great year

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9 2003

This was the year I was born
On June 17, 2003 to be exact

Born this year

The first year I was alive throughout the full 365 days. One of my favorite laptops ever (the IBM ThinkPad T40) was built in this year. - VersaWizKid

Best year for video games, music and television. The world was a lot simpler back then. The war in IRAQ had just started, but everything back home was amazing.

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10 2001

Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone film.
VHS tapes still around? So I had tapes and tape walkman that people used in the 80s, that I used in the 90s.

I was born a few weeks after 9/11, yet even after I grew up I still know how to use VHS tapes.

I think I know why this is on the bottom... - kawaiitohru

My Son Dustin Said His first word. My Friend built us a new house in May. 9/11 Was sad my brother Gregory died in one of the twin tower

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