Top 10 Best Years of the 2000s

I like to look at things nicely. Enjoy life and specially the years. Get happy by remembering some best years of the 2000s.

The Top Ten

1 2007

My favorite year of the 2000s and also my favorite year of all time. I have such a big box full of memories from 2007 that sometimes I wish to come back here! I remember the summer, the greatest summer I've experience (I'm born in 1999 by the way) and jeez! I had a better life when I was a kid, at least everyone respected each other back then!

Wtf are you talking about? This year was amazing! Many updates in video games. A lot of cool music, and for me my parents got married... It was so much fun.

Best year in my life. The year was the year of the best video games, video gaming reached its peaks and this year describes the 2000s video games. Also a very peaceful year following years of unrest all over the world and proceeding ongoing tensions and warfare in the world. The year had the best climate and the atmosphere filled with chemtrails is detonating and global warming is ever most relevant.

One of the best years of YouTube

The release of the iPhone

2 2005

The music the movies at this time were awesome it was the peak of all humanity

This year was the best year, and had the most active hurricane season of all time. In contrast, 1983 was awful, and had the least active hurricane season ever. By that logic, it's time to make a (bogus or not) math theorem: The more active the hurricane season is, the better the year is. It's not foolproof, but it should work for most years.

My great childhood year ever! All the girls are obsessed with the Winx Club and other cartoon they loved, even I started my final year of the elementary school (Holy Cross CSS (East York, Toronto)) was an fun good year, but not Hurricane Katrina for the goodness sake.

I was born this year. Proud 2005 boy.
We got:
Star Wars Battlefront II classic
Star Wars Episode III
A lot of other really good things. Though Hurricane Katrina was pretty bad :(

3 2006

I simply love this year so much, I'd remember went I first when to the theaters to watch cars, I was born on december 1996 and I begged my dad to get me a used ipod for my 10th birthday which is also in 2006, I love this year so much - ida may monroe

I love 2006 the most because back then I had a simple job simple life simple family and I could easily get myself an new Louis Vuitton bag every year, can say the same about now

One of the best years of my like jeez I love the pop cultures of this year

I was born then and it was one of the last years of the early 2000s culture wise. A lot of people said to me it still ad a 90s feel in a lot of ways.

4 2004

Honestly, this year should at LEAST be in the top 3. Outside the indian ocean tsunami, the election, and florida hurricanes, 04 kinda felt like we were pulling back together. We decided to end the pointless wars with Iraq and Afghanistan. Television and entertainment was doing pretty good with lots of variety. The economy as well started getting a lot more on track as well.

I er used Habbo it was cool then.
I remember in September 2004 Habbo US opening.

2004 is when all the good movies came. This year should be at number 1!
Shrek 2
Mean Girls
13 going 30
White Chicks
Spiderman 2
The girl next door
and other great movies

My Chemical Romance's Three Cheers for sweet revenge came out + The Killer's Hot Fuss album and those were my two jams from high school. I have memories of driving around in my 0'3 zo6 corvette with my girlfriend blasting I'm not okay. Plus This year was Junior year of high school and that was my favorite

5 2002

2002 is the best year ever gamecube vs Xbox vs ps2 war began from 2002-2007 WWE ruthless aggression era debuts good music then Lose Yourself by Eminem was released so is Headstrong by Trapt Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly Rowland Eminem show was released good album Best games in that year Grand Theft Auto Vice City Grand Theft Auto I Spiderman video game Sonic adventure 2 and Super Mario Sunshine plus I had the Nintendo Gamecube for the first time EVER! My 2nd game console that I've brought when I was 3 it broke now but ill never forget the day I first brought it! Best films Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets Spiderman Star wars attack of the clones MIB2 ice age Minority Report was all out and they were great films This year was the best year ever for me no one can beat that year in my book!

Oh god I'm a teenager - 2002. Turn 13 years old..
Welcome to no longer a kid now a teen.

Oh god this comment gave me eye cancer
Welcome to I cringe so hard I now have 50 chins - BananaBrain

I was born in 2002. As I was only a small child that year, I don't know too much expect for stuff like top children shows, movies, books etc.

I LOVED THIS YEAR! Sure, I wasn't born, but there are lots of good things about this year

6 2000

2000 is # 1 Best Year of all time.
Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Capcom vs. SNK, Tatsunoko Fight, Paper Mario, Kirby 64, Power stone 2, sonic shuffle and Tech Romancer and Project Justice are an awesome Video games.

My Brother Got Super Smash bros for christmas that was an N64 Game

I Played Sin and Punishment for N64.

We played Dragonball Z Legends for the PlayStation the Greatest DBZ Game ever made.

Dragonball Z Anime and Japanese culture Dominated Television and Made Pop Culture in the 2000's

I graduated from High school.

Heathcliff and the catillac cats air on Toon disney U. K. In 2000.

That Year was Mind Blowing.

2000 is a Unique dazzling stunning most lovable popular year of all time and it's #1 of the 2000's and always #1. The year 2000 is forever the king of the modern and nostalgia and anime era.

y2k yay! I loved this year so much, so much to do. Music was good, tv was good, everything we have now is pretty bad. Idk why people rate 2001 bad, when it is probably the best year for music and tv, only 9/11 and celebrity deaths brought the year down, but come on guys, 2000-01 were amazing.

Well I Was 22 years old. I Was Married to My Wife Angelica On January 12th. We Had Our First child on June 11th. Bad things that happened was, My Grandpa Died On May 1st. I Sliced My Arm Opened At Work. I Got Into a brawl on Black Friday. That's all I have to share with you guys.

This year was amazing! So much happened in this year, I loved it so much. This was when things were good, the 90s and the early 2000's. A lot of new stuff happened in this year, and it was a great year for movies, music and televison which is pretty bad nowadays (2010).

7 2008

2008 was the best year in the 2000's because it was the best year for video games and sports. I also loved 2008 because I had so much fun on that year. 2008 is an unforgettable year for me.

For video games: My favorite Mario Kart game ever (Mario Kart Wii) was released in 2008 and Grand Theft Auto IV a game that I played so much was also released in 2008.

For sports: One of my favourite soccer clubs Manchester United won the UEFA Champions League, my favorite soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo won the Ballon D'Or in 2008 and one of my favorite NHL teams the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup.

I was only 16 this year but it was better than other years slightly even better than 2009, This was the last year for good music (especially rock) in the decade! Although 2009 had better movies, this year was just way more fun and exciting and I was just more curious about life also It was the year I started to do something that changed my life forever (masterbation). It had its ups and downs but nonetheless it was the best year ever!

Most memorable film: The Dark Knight
Most memorable album: Appeal To Reason by Rise Against

My favorite year in the late 2000s, especially the later part of this year. My sister was born and I first really started getting into computers, at age 6.

Pretty mediocre year, but it was not as bad as 2009, I was 8 years old in 2008.

8 2003

This was an amazing year in my memory. When I recall the music of that year that I was listening to, or that had been released in the 5 prior that I was listening to, the events of the year, me turning 18 at the end of it and just getting into the rhythym of adulthood off to college...overall it was a good year! I have the fondest memories of this year.

2003 was a blast for me cause it was when I was in high school & everything was going good for me. It's when I met my first girlfriend & had a great summer. The music that was a hit for me was Trapt, saliva & Metallicas st. Anger release that year. MTV had awesome videos & WWE was in the ruthless aggression era.

Best year for video games, music and television. The world was a lot simpler back then. The war in IRAQ had just started, but everything back home was amazing.

This year is awesome because it was when I was born. I just wish I was born earlier like March or April or June but it's still cool

9 2009

Obama was president, I was born, Osama Bin Laden was killed, a lot of great things!

I started preschool that year and I have so many memories from it. My worries were little and I got excited when my brother would bring the xbox 360 or wii.

I was four in 2009, just before I started school (in January 2010). Everything was blissfully easy, and my biggest worry was if I would be allowed on the Wii. Had many friends that I would play with, all day, every day. Of course I was unaware of bad world events such as the economic crash, which I can understand makes it not so good for some people, but for me personally, 2009 was the best year of the 2000s.

This is where the King Returned and Died And were I met both Chris Jericho and John Cena in Winnipeg 2009 it was awesome

10 2001

My Son Dustin Said His first word. My Friend built us a new house in May. 9/11 Was sad my brother Gregory died in one of the twin tower

I was born in 2001

Best year ever.

Five words: Janet Jackson’s All For You song and its music video.

Although it was terrible year when it came down to 911, For some it was great(the year of course, not 911).