2005 was Ten Years Ago! But Who Cares?

2005 was a year of good times, at least for me it was. What I remember was VHS tapes still around, McDonald's toys that didn't suck, and Jetix. Most of you wouldn't care, but the laughing joking numbnuts at Buzzfeed sure would. No, this isn't another 90s rant. However, it is just a little bit of good nostalgic memories from a "2000s kid".
The reason why I'm obsessed with 2005 alone is because of a certain VHS tape, of all things. Originally, it was supposed to be just a recording of Power Rangers SPD. However, it recorded up to 90 MINUTES before it abruptly stopped recording. There was one other show ( which I don't remember the name of) and Super Hyper Robot Monkey Force Go! The commercials were about food products, mainly fruit snacks and fast food restaurants. It looked very different form today's children's commercials. In fact, one certain commercial gave it away that it was 2005. Other than certain pop songs and school, this was the only memories of 2005 that I can remember. I really wish I could watch it one more time, because since the last time I watched it was in 2008, the elusive nature of tape led me to find evidence of these commercials, since 2011. Even to this day, I occasionally search the web for these commercials.
Why should you care about all of this? Well, you don't have to. After all, you may had some memory of 2005 just like I have. But the whole point of this is to fell the GOOD nostalgia, not the rage inducing nostalgia arguments. These days, nostalgia is about 90s kids elitism, but it's really your body's way of escaping bad memories, and instead replacing them with good ones. Nostalgia is a good feeling, not pointless arguments about who is a 90s kid and who isn't. With something to think about, the choice is yours. Have a great day, or not.


Wasn't 2005 the year TheTopTens started? I'm surprised this site doesn't have a Wikipedia page. - visitor

Oh, if only those "90s kids" actually realized the TRUE meaning of nostalgia. Stop thinking so high and mighty of yourself just because you were born in an arbitrary point in time. Did you think that any of the 2000s kids CHOOSE to be born in that decade? - visitor

I was born in 2003. I wish with every aspect of my life that I could live in the 80s. As for the 2005 nostalgia, I was 2 years old in that year, so I really can't relate to that. My nostalgia period (that I was actually alive in) was from July 2014-July 2015. That was a very special time for me, mostly because of what was going on in my head. And Flight of the Navigator. - RockFashionista

Being a 2000s kid is one of the best. Oh, the memories... - visitor

I was born in 2005 - GrapeJuiceK