Best Years to Be a CM Punk Fan


The Top Ten

1 2011

CM Punk finally gets the recognition he always deserved. He also gave John Cena a run for his money as the face of the WWE. By far the most popular wrestler of 2011. - Hernandez1614

2 2012

Great matches from CM Punk. High profiled match against Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 28. He also turned heel and managed to hold the WWE Championship for over a year. - Hernandez1614

3 2006

Coming from Ring Of Honor and all the hype surrounding him made CM Punk's debut year a quite popular one. - Hernandez1614

4 2008

Wins Money In The Bank at Wrestlemania 24. Cashes it in against Edge and becomes World Heavyweight Champion. - Hernandez1614

5 2007

Wins the ECW Championship against John Morrison after countless attempts. Had a good run with it as well. - Hernandez1614

6 2009

Became the 1st person to win the Money In The Bank Ladder Match 2 years in a row. Cashed it in against Jeff Hardy. Became a major heel and began one of if not the best rivalries of the PG Era against Jeff Hardy. He also faced The Undertaker in Hell In A Cell and made The Straight Edge Society. - Hernandez1614

7 2010

Grew a homeless man beard. Had a great rivalry against Rey Mysterio. Cut great promos, but was lost in the scuffle involving The Nexus. He also lost many matches. - Hernandez1614

8 2013
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