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21 1971

Jim Morrison died that year. How was that year good?

Disney World opened in 71 - Gamecubesarecool193

The birth of Bangladesh.

XY GT ph III falcon released

22 1991

The Super NES launched and Sonic 1 was released. Simple as that. - SuperNESBrony

Best year for music by far. Ten, Nevermind, and so many more. - Songsta41

The Soviet Union, America's worst enemy, split up and became Russia, and communism fell around the world.

The year the Cold War ended, and the year one of my favorite teachers were born. - anonygirl

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23 2008

2008 was the best year of my entire life! I was at my skinniest and I was just having a very good year!

2008 was one of the best years for music

2008 was Pretty much a Very Lousy Year For Me. - 77Daisy

The year Little big planet was puplished! - puglover2008

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24 1998

Pretty much the best year when it comes to video games, you've got: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Tomb Raider III, Banjo-Kazooie, Spyro the Dragon, Half-Life, StarCraft, Grim Fandango, Sonic Adventure, Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, F-Zero X, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, MediEvil, Parasite Eve and many more.

Movie-wise, you've got: Saving Private Ryan, The Truman Show, The Big Lebowski, There's Something About Mary, A Bug's Life, The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy, Rushmore, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Pleasantville, Mulan and many more.

Television-wise, you've got: Friends, That 70's Show, Seinfeld, The Simpsons (back when it was brilliant), Whose Line Is It Anyway? (this was it's first year), The X-Files, The Powerpuff Girls, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Frasier, The Drew Carey Show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ER, Pokemon (back when it was great), Everybody Loves Raymond, Pinky and the Brain and many more.

Music-wise, you've got: Fastball: ...more

After almost 20 years I have never felt the energy and the atmosphere that I felt that year. Now 2017 is reminding me a little again so let see 2018!

Culturally great year- so many good films and great music. Definitely should be higher on this list

Sofia Metro was established - BorisRule

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25 2015

To be honest: I don't see what's the hate about 2015, because this was such a green year for me & my Instagram! This was when I was first famous during spring break in my 9th grade year! During the summer I got my very first summer job & also my time going to the beach in Texas. During the fall which is October, a brawl occurred at my school, I went to fair, & I got a new bed. It's 2017 & it's feels like this year is already better than 2016. - DPS501

What Why people like this year this year is an nightmare god damn 2015 Is worst than any other years.

I see why people hate this year, terrorism, bombings, shootings, etc. But some of the good things were that our economy was pretty good, and it was a good year for movies, animation, video games, and some songs. There's good and bad to every year, even the year 2000.

Halsey’s BADLANDS was the best thing that ever happened to me - lovefrombadlands

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26 1989

The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the start of the German reunification - a great year for millions.

Back to the future 2 released In 1989 - SpencerJC

The Simpsons first aired

It was a great year. The Berlin Wall fell, giving East Europeans the freedom to go to West Europe and vice versa, pop culture was great, and the Simpsons first aired (and it was at its best). I wish I was born in 1989.

And for those of you who think that this year sucked just because Taylor Swift was born, grow up! She may have come to the world, but at the time, we did not know she would end up being a terrible pop singer she is today. - anonygirl

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27 1983

The year Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi was released.

The year Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back was released

Great songs came that year and the remake of Scarface aired

Tony Montana is literally my screensaver. "This town is like a p**** waiting to get f***e d." - BeatlesFan1964

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28 1997

Because of Final Fantasy 7 and rpg known as well because of this game

Because hbk become the champ and titanic was released!

Year of my birth and a lot of great albums came out that year:
Nimrod-Green Day
Urban Hymns-The Verve
Be Here Now-Oasis

Have you even remembered the death count that year.

Worst year of the 90s - Maddox121

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29 1995

Pokemon is one of the stupidest trends ever.


30 1776

You realize this is 1776, the year America was born, not 1976.

America was born into the world

Deep 70's! Rock and role! You wouldn't believe how good life was without the internet, and with great music and movies and other great entertainment.

31 1964

There was a big earthquake in Alaska that time so how is this the best year? - Q-Q

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33 1920

Women gained the right to vote in 1920. - anonygirl

34 1984

1984 was with no doubt about the best year for movies we got ghostbusters terminator super girl the never ending story and the list keeps going on we also got amazing song and a good few games that are still fun to play with. Michael Jackson was in his prime and so much more if this isn't the best year ever I don't know what is ( we also got the gremlins and Indianna jones)

1984 Detroit tigers won the world series reagan was elected among everything else. That meant something in the world. Best year on earth

Reagan won in a landslide and the cold war was heating up, Ghostbusters was also released so that's good.

We got transformers this year

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35 2014

This is the worst year ever and it should not be on the list

This was one of the best years for movies. We got Whiplash, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Edge of Tomorrow, and so much more.

Best year ever in my opinion. Best year for sports, best year for music and it was a great year for video games. And also I had so much fun on that year. I really want to go back there.

The year I discovered my favourite website, before it was closed down in February 2015.

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37 2009

This was my year. Everything I did was very memorable, and all my sports went well. (Mainly Federer winning the French Open and Wimbledon. )

Good movies, like Inglourious Basterds. This year was the best year for me because so much great things has happened! Got my video game console for the first time and Assassin's Creed II came out...

My favorite year. Lots of great albums were made in this year that I love.

I was born

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38 1986

Somewhere in Time, Master of Puppets, Orgasmatron, Peace Sells... But Who's Buying, and Reign In Blood were released this year! - edward-beil

This is the year Disney released Flight of the Navigator! Greatest year ever! - RockFashionista

Best year for thrash metal - Brobusky

Zelda & Stand By Me the two of the best things ever

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39 1979

Alien, Mad Max, Apocalypse Now, etc. An amazing year for movies.

40 2013

2013 was NOT the best year ever. 2014 was just a little better than 2013, but 2013 was AWFUL. Lots of games and stuff getting discontinued. Shows becoming a lot worse, UGH what an AWFUL year! - TopTenJackson

2013 was a pretty lousy year. Bombings, terrorists, hurricanes, and even some of my experiences that happened turned it into crap

2013 was my favorite year of my life so far. I was 11 and I'm now 15. I did so many adventurous things that year. I went to Wyoming and South Dakota for 3 weeks in the summer. 5th and 6th grade were amazing. I still played my Xbox 360. And a lot of good songs came out. And Minecraft became very popular.

Most underrated year.

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