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41 1994

This year would have been awesome if Justin Bieber wasn't born this year and completely ruin it.

Justin BIEBER was born so it's a bad year haha

Awesome year for movies (The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump & Pulp Fiction) - Ajkloth

Green Day released Dookie.

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42 1936
43 1985

The video game industry is saved, Back to the Future was awesome.

And best of all Mario! He saved all the video games who could not like the Super Mario Bros. And all his friends

The NES was released in North America which completely saved the crash. Also, Nintendo is amazing.

Calvin and Hobbes is launched

44 1959

Better with that technology! Now people are obsessed with phones and stuff like that and my opinion is that every year that's less than 2000 it's the best year

The worlds greatest year

Awesome I hope its number 1

Not a great year
The day the music died and I believe Elvis was drafted to the army this year - ThePerson

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45 13,700,000,000 B.C

To the other comment: The universe just started. There was no earth to ruin.

There was no human on Earth, so nobody could mess it up.

There were no humans to ruin the planet back then.

It wall started here. - errrr

46 1976

The birth of the Apple computer.

"I'm as mad as hell, amd I'm not going to take it anymore! " - BeatlesFan1964

The V of Doom came on T.V. that year so it may not have been a great year (especially for television productions).

Apple came to existence
Birth of the V of Doom, giving millions a nightmare - BorisRule

47 1988
48 1928

Everyone knows the 1920s were actually the best years ever. People just vote for the other ones because they were born that year. This website is not really accurate because the voters aren't making good choices.

Good year for Irish coin collectors. - computerfan0

49 1867
50 1993

That year I went to highschool, best year ever

That is the year I was born. Perfect! Oh yes! -MzKenie

51 1 Million BC

Long long long time ago - SpencerJC

Ogg smash rock on big tiger. It taste good.

Ogg I killed a tiger and ate it. Qackizcheh: That tastes awesome

Ooh Og I choke mammoth and eat it meat ooog oggg

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52 1981 V 1 Comment
53 1970 V 1 Comment
54 1095 V 1 Comment
55 1965

Great year. Georgie Fame, the Kinks, the Beatles, Tom Jones, Unit 4+2, Sonny and Cher and the Seekers dominated the charts. The International Rescue team first popped up on our screens, cigarette adverts were banned on T.V., we had the Ipcress File, James Bond, you name it!

[From a guy who wasn't around then.]

The good:
Carnaby Street.
Makeover for the Canadian flag.
Very high purchasing power.
The Beatles.
James Bond.
Terror attacks were almost unheard of.
People ate better.

The bad:
Vietnam was at a peak.
Winston Churchill and Mary (the Princess Royal) died.
City streets could look a bit skanky.

A bit of both:
UK motorways had no speed limits.
Many women were still housewives.
Social media was unimaginable.
Married under-25s were not uncommon.

56 1982

Video game industry nearly died this year, but it was a good year for movies and music.

The year my favorite band named SODOM was firmed

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57 1987
58 1738
59 1978

I've always thought 1978 was the best overall year. I was 13 years old, but wise enough to know when times were good. One last good year of the 70's, between Watergate and Reagan/Thatcher, Vietnam, Oil Crisis (early 70's) and Trickle-down economics and big recessions of the 80's (and since!). Not so great for fashion I admit. These experts seem to agree...

60 1942
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