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1 Daddy's Lambo

Gets me crunk wherever I be!

I listen to this song 24/7. Yelawolf is life.

Only number one because it was the most mainstream. Not even in my top 10

Ohh oh oh oh! <3 yelawolf☆

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2 Best Friend

I think this should be number 1. Why is it no. 31? It's a great song! Both Eminem and Yelawolf rock!

Eminem dominating verse made this song the greatest of 2015 (at least from my point of view)

It's a great song! Yelawolf is a truly gifted artist! This song was made even better due to Eminem being featured! This should be number one, tied with Till It's Gone. Yes Daddy's Lambo is a good song, but its mainly a bass song for a bumping stereo system.

The best one

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3 Pop the Trunk

How is this not number 1. It's one of the best rap songs ever made

This exact song is why YeoaWolf was signed to Shady Records. This is an amazing song, and in my opinion should be number 1.

Yelawolf rules listen to this please
U better listen what they saying don't make me pop up trunk

This is awesome!

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4 Let's Roll

Come on Vote this song higher! Kid Rock and Yelawolf in a song together is Epic. And they killed this track. Top 3 worthy!

This song is outstanding! It should definitely have a higher ranking than it does I agree with the last person it is very top three worthy! This song KICKS some major ASS!

My honest oppinion this song, throw it up, and the hardest love song should be the top three, I mean those songs go hard.

Very well

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5 Hard White

This was the song that made me a yelawolf fan.

6 Throw It Up

Yelawolf, Eminem and Gangsta Boo just make it a good track

Yelawolf kills his verse damn man & Eminem always pullin' out the stops same as always #Slim #Yelawolf

Start adoring yela cause this song

Yela murdered this track

7 Till It's Gone

This song played on Alt Nation and made me a fan. He can rap, he can sing, and he can write. This track should tie for #1 with Best Friend.

I absolutely love this song. The beat, the chorus, and all the lyrics are just perfect.

A truly beautiful song - could listen to it all day and would never get bored of it.

I agreed

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8 Get the **** Up!

This should be number 1!

This song goes hard!

9 I Just Wanna Party

How ain't this #1? This song has an awesome beat and very catchy hook and awesome bass and yeller killed it and gucci was great too

Gets ya crunk, gets ya high, gets ya going and gets ya laid

Wish Yela and Gucci still rapped like this

10 American You

My jam

Love song

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11 Honey Brown
12 Billy Crystal

Great harmonic beat; intense lyrics.

One of Yela's best

13 Marijuana
14 Trunk Muzik

This song is such a great song by a great artist with a great beat and a very catchy hook.

This track should definitely be higher ranked. The bass line is insane. The full experience comes when listening with a system with large subs. Catfish kills it.

Chorus and verses are sick. But you can't go wrong with any Catfish Billy song.

That bass! That flow! That chorus!

15 FU
16 Worldwide Choppers

8 of the best rappers going insane. Judt listen to yelawolf in this one

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17 Animal

So catchy and the lyrics are just great

18 The Last Song

This is an amazing song. Eaisly one of the best songs on the album Radioactive. I would even say its one of the best songs ever made by Yelawolf. -Josh

This song should be at least at number 10

19 Good to Go
20 Write Your Name

Amazing pays respect to the people

One of the best yelawolf songs ever

If I need to describe it in a single word, I'd choose the word 'positivity'! Works as a boost every time I'm in need of a little pump up.

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1. Get the **** Up!
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