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21 Five Becomes Four Five Becomes Four

In this song is something special, try to listen to it more times, look at the lyrics and you'll find it great...

This song goes to me ex. The lyrics describe exactly how I feel. It's a must-listen for all Yellowcard fans.

My favourite Yellowcard song for sure. It is just so catchy! This is the song that first got me into Yellowcard.

22 Everywhere Everywhere

By far one of my favourite songs, million times better than the original.

23 Firewater Firewater

Amazing song, unbeliavable that its not in top ten, way better than lights and sounds!

24 Miles Apart Miles Apart

Underrated. This should be number 10 or so

This song allways touches my heart, I dedicate them to my parents when I had to leave, and I used it for a slideshow with all our lives togethe. Best yellowcard song ever.

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25 City of Devils City of Devils

In a city of devils we live...
Flying alone and I feel like I don't belong...

Gahhh this song is perfect!

26 One Bedroom One Bedroom

The electric solo at the end is incredible. Lyrics are catchy. Great Stuff

27 With You Around With You Around
28 One Year, Six Months One Year, Six Months

I can't believe this hasn't made the list yet. This could be in the top ten easily

This should definitely be in the top ten. This song is just incredible.

Just beautiful, anyone who's maintained good thoughts about an ex can feel this song

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29 Ten

If this song doesn't end up getting top ten, I will be thoroughly surprised. This song made me cry. It was the highlight of Southern Air for me. Not only is it beautiful, but it is moving.

This song is so emotional but original. Not a cliche song about a relationship, but a unique beautiful one about a miscarriage

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30 Inside Out Inside Out


31 Dear Bobbie Dear Bobbie

How is this song not even on the list?! Dear Bobbie is a powerful elderly love song, it's definitely my favorite song ever, let alone by Yellowcard. Give it a listen!

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32 Powder Powder
33 Shadows and Regrets Shadows and Regrets

... This song at under 30? Man Just listen to it once! For me, it's top 5 material. Alt Rock at its best!

What a chorus. The tune of the song is just awesome. You can't stop singing this one

This song is awesome and I just love it

34 Sleep In the Snow Sleep In the Snow

I can't believe this is so low.. Such a great song.

Is a really beautiful song

35 Keeper Keeper

Appropriately quiet/loud intro and great buildup.
The first 70 seconds will have you loving this song.

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36 Transmission Home Transmission Home

With souring guitars, and a soothing piano bridge. This song showcases a more mature sound for yellowcard. It is the best song of Lift a sail, and arguably is their best post hiatus track.

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37 Rough Draft Rough Draft V 1 Comment
38 Rivertown Blues Rivertown Blues

Lp absolutely owning the drums here, he gets so soft in the verse and controls the entire song

39 See Me Smiling See Me Smiling

Such an inspirational song, keeps me moving when this song comes on

40 Lift a Sail Lift a Sail
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