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41 See Me Smiling

Such an inspirational song, keeps me moving when this song comes on

42 Be the Young

My God... 41? Seriously? Is top ten material without doubt maybe not Top 3 but definitely need to be higher! Since starts you know it's a different song, powerful lyrics and brilliant melody

This should be 39 spots or so up from here. Why isn't it getting votes?!

This song defines yellowcard! It's easy top 10

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43 Back Home

The most amazing Yellowcard song. From the soft sounds to the louder more intense parts, it conveys such an amazing tone of loneliness and emptiness that it really aids in those times.

When you are away from your hone for a long time and after comimg home you get a relaxed feeling. This song exactly gives you that

44 Lift a Sail
45 Big Apple Heartbreak
46 Afraid V 2 Comments
47 Telescope

Just a beautiful melody, certainly in my top 5. This song grew on me so well and it is the flagship of Southern Air

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48 Shrink the World

The lyrics are loud and clear. A very solid song. Much better than their 90's garbage

49 Make Me So

Probably one of the best songs of the modern decade easily!

50 Illuminate

This is easily the best song off of Lift A Sail which dare I say one of the best records of 2014. This song has such a great meaning with great combination of heavy riff guitars and soft guitars with a great vocals by Ryan Key that very melodic and heartfelt with a touch of fenese

51 Twentythree

Its easily one of their greatest songs and should not be at 58

52 How I Go

How could this NOT be in someone's top 10?! Natalie Maines is amazing in this!

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53 October Nights
54 A Vicious Kind
55 Down On My Head

Awesome song. Great chorus. Should be way up higher in the list! Do listen to this song guys!

To explain what this song is for someone who can't feel it is impossible.

56 Date Line (I Am Gone)

Love this album and this is my favorite song off this album. - The8Bit

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57 Surface of the Sun

With lyrics like "We were born to be the ones to show the faithless what we've done" how can you not feel inspired and touched by a song that equally Yellowcard sounding and some touches of Linkin Parks heavier side and Jimmy Eat World

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58 California
59 Martin Sheen or JFK

Great song, good melodies

60 Soundtrack
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