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61 Martin Sheen or JFK

Great song, good melodies

62 Soundtrack
63 You and Me and One Spotlight
64 MSK

The violin magnifies the pain in his voice!

"As all the mornings turn
Into brand new days
Everything still hurts
You're so far away
I would dig a hole
Through the earth and crawl
To get to you"

"I need youuu..."

65 Hide
66 Rocket

Classic song from one of their earlier albums. In my humble opinion the best song that they ever released.

67 Life of Leaving Home

Their best song by far. I'm surprised it's not on this list.

Love this song. Just perfect!

68 Fix You

I know coldplay's fix you is better. But yellowcard have a better singer.

69 The Deepest Well

Surprised to see this song so low! I think this should be at least in their top ten songs. It is just amazing. Give it a listen. You'll be surprised to find out what you were missing out on.

70 Crash the Gates
71 Waiting Game

"You and me, a worse disaster would be waking up alone"

this is by no means my favourite song but that opening line kills me

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