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21 Don't Kill the Whale Don't Kill the Whale
22 Going for the One Going for the One

I remember hearing this the summer it came out (1977) and it blew me away. It is elevated a billion times with headphones. If you have not played this song LOUDLY with headphones, you are doing yourself a disservice. Since that day and to this day, it has been my favorite song. It is the tune by which all other music is judged, for me.

23 Harold Land Harold Land
24 Mood for a Day Mood for a Day
25 Endless Dream

I feel like this song might be this low only because either fans don't know about it (I feel Talk is a lesser known Yes album) or old time fans don't care for the Rabin era Yes music. This song is definitely one of their top 5 best, it is my favorite Yes song. It is hardly at all like the other Rabin era Yes music. overall the song stays way more true to what Yes has been about since the 70s, a song about love, happiness, search for meaning in life, the beauty of life. just listening to this song is an enlightening experience. it's a Yes epic, reaching about 16 minutes in length. it's flawless. I don't know any other song that just makes you FEEL LIFE as much as this one does. - genesisyes

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26 Sweetness Sweetness

I just can't believe this is so low... I just love this song, it's lyrics are beautiful and the sound is beautiful. - Mcflupy

27 In the Presence Of In the Presence Of

Perhaps the last classic yes song for me. Beauty, lyrical so meaningful, and that ability to build the last passage of a song to a sublime conclusion that you never want to end. Steve's slide guitar, luscious orchestration, soulful bass and wonderful subtle harmonics, all from such a beautiful simple piano intro.

28 Beyond and Before Beyond and Before
29 Fly from Here, Pt. 1: We Can Fly Fly from Here, Pt. 1: We Can Fly

25 minutes of flawless music, all building up to the ending with one last beautiful burst of genius. Brilliant.

30 Does It Really Happen? Does It Really Happen?
31 On the Silent Wings of Freedom On the Silent Wings of Freedom
32 Into the Lens Into the Lens

Memories, how they fade so fast
Look back, there is no escape.

I love this song at it shows amazing quality of the instruments and blends with the voice. I recommend this song to every Yes fan c:

33 The Fish The Fish
34 Survival Survival

Oh my god! This is the best song on the self titled debut it should be at least at 20th or something! - SammySpore

Where is this song? It was on the greatest hits, and is an awesome instrumental by Yes!

35 Leave It Leave It

Great Song and a Great Music Video - original video released on MTV on I believe an April Fool's Day with several consecutive plays of slightly different versions of the video with more movement increasingly displayed. A true work of Genius! - Billyv

The voice harmony makes this their top song from 90125, certainly in their top 5 all time.

Only old songs in the top 10. The new YES rocks!

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36 Time and a Word Time and a Word
37 It Can Happen It Can Happen

One of the most underrated Yes song ever.

84 Germany live version was amazing!
The instrumental beginning to this song is magical

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38 Mind Drive Mind Drive
39 Future Times Future Times
40 Machine Messiah Machine Messiah

It is the most heavy Yes song ever! The end is so heavy - SammySpore

My favorite yes song...

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