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41 It Can Happen

One of the most underrated Yes song ever.

84 Germany live version was amazing!
The instrumental beginning to this song is magical

Great song

42 Parallels

Ranked 51. Are you kidding? Imagine Rick Wakeman letting loose on the organ at the West Point Cathedral or some other awe-inspiring pipe organ with the rest of the band on the altar. My rock and roll fantasy.

This is Classic Yes having fun and just rocking out.

Great song especiaaly thanks to Rick's crazy church organ sound. Should be be in the top 10!

This song is so powerful.I'd always wished it was released as a single,but it didn't fit the "3 minute " radio format,I guess.

43 Machine Messiah

It is the most heavy Yes song ever! The end is so heavy - SammySpore

It's epic and a classic. Wonderful virtuosity but with heart and a story - what more could you ask for?!

My favorite yes song...

44 Mind Drive
45 Future Times
46 Soon

This song leads one to the deepest trenches of imagination and bliss.

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47 Lift Me Up

A great 80's montage song. Powerful song to keep you motivated.

This song had been my favourite, definitely Amazing

48 Homeworld (The Ladder)

AMAZING fantastic sound and lyrics. Honestly some of their best work has come from Keys to Ascension through Magnification. Up there with some of their masterpieces like Awaken and Gates

49 Shock to the System
50 Shoot High, Aim Low

Early Yes vs. Later Yes, I really don't know - but what I do know is that this song deserves, no demands to be in the Top #10! Come on?!

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51 Onward
52 Then

There are three songs that should have been released as singles.. this song, THEN,.. SWEETNESS and SURVIVAL. Three great songs from Yes's early years and so underrated... actually sweetness was released as a single

Upvote this people! It's maybe their only masterpiece song!

How come this is not here and #1 yet? IT'S ABSOLUTELY A MASTERPIECE

53 Turn of the Century

One of my all time favourites. Just beautiful music, rare storytelling the best of the lighter side of Yes. All so delicate and lovingly unifying. "Like leaves we touch..." Need I say more.

Cannot be that underrated! gosh!
The first 2 minutes of the song are the best music that YES produced in their entire career.

54 Hold On

Its awesome should be in top 10!

55 Cinema

Epic. One of their best instrumentals.

56 Clap

A country-blues travis-picking masterpiece. Just simple genius from Howe, from start to finish.

57 I See You
58 The Game

One of the best yes songs of the 21st century - Messej

59 Open Your Eyes
60 Yesterday and Today

Not even on the list! Absolutely beautiful. - flamingyesdept

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