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61 Circus On Heaven V 1 Comment
62 The Calling

The best song from the best album (Talk) Yes did with Trevor Rabin in the line-up. Highly underrated (the album), which is something Yes drummer Alan White actually agrees to.

Great song and the whole album is outstanding!

63 That, That Is

Most underrated Yes song by far. From the Keys to Ascension album, part of the studio side. Brings me to tears.

64 The Prophet
65 Wonderlove
66 Yesterday and Today

Not even on the list! Absolutely beautiful. - flamingyesdept

67 Astral Traveller

Why this song is in 98? This should be in in top 20.

68 Time is Time
69 Run Through the Light
70 Rhythm of Love

No votes, but just too good for me. It introduced me to the magic of YES.

71 Release, Release

One of my favorite songs from a very underrated album Tormato

Great drums!

72 Our Song
73 Walls

A great sleeper from the album "Talk" that just has some great rhythms and beats as well as vocals that will have you dancing inside. I really love all the syncopation and riffs that aren't repetitive like many of your typical hits. This whole album is a real work of art that still is one of my favorite albums to play all the way through.

74 Where Will You Be

Not quite as good as the other two songs listed in the charts here from the album "Talk" but still good sleeper.

75 The Man You Always Wanted Me to Be

This song is by far one of my favourites. Makes The Fly From Here albuma gem and that's why I love it

76 We Agree

Amazing song, very good orchestration, very good compose and sublime lyrics

77 The More We Live - Let Go

Not a top ten but deserves to be somewhere on this list

78 Five Per Cent for Nothing
79 To Ascend
80 Give Love Each Day

Another song from the Magnification album, which is for sure one of the best Yes albums. Splendid intro, and the orchestra really is spot on on this track. - Barryless

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